Anderson Silva brought in André Galvão to prepare for Weidman


UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva faces Chris Weidman at UFC 162 on July 6, and a key element of Weidman's game is the Renzo Gracie black belt's submission ability. The best grappler in the world, Roger Gracie, said Weidman can tap anyone, even him.

To prepare, Silva, whose training is organized by Ramon Lemos, brought in multiple time Mundial and ADCC champion Andre Galvao.

Brazilian Portuguese language site Portal do Vale Tudo has the story:

"I came to help Anderson for his fight against Chris Weidman," said Galvao. "He asked me to help him in his ground game, and he always helped me. I'm helping him and everything is going well... Since Ramon brought me in, I saw an improvement in Anderson's ground game. He is a black belt, and just need a little polishing. He is a very talented guy who learns fast. In this aspect he is fine, and will be ready to fight Chris Weidman. We respect (Weidman) and will be ready for his weapons."

Read entire article... (original Portuguese)

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ausgepicht site profile image  

7/7/13 8:27 PM by ausgepicht

And wrestlers. Maybe if he didn't get taken down EFFORTLESSY, mounted and ate a bunch of punches,he wouldn't have resorted to desperate taunting tactics. I'm sure the know it alls on this thread felt Galvao contributed to Anderson in this training camp. Truth is, his time spent with Galvao would have been better spent with world class wrestlers. If Weidman would have failed on that takedown, he may have fought with less confidence. But you guys go on in your tiny little world well you believe Zhoo Zhits is the solution to everything. You keep living in UFC 20 and the rest of us will realize wrestling MANDATORY role in MMA training and add it to the curriculum instead of acting like traditional martial artists who are betraying their style by doing so. Sweet, sweet vindication.

Jsteven site profile image  

7/7/13 10:51 AM by Jsteven


ausgepicht site profile image  

7/7/13 12:46 AM by ausgepicht

Well, looks like he should have brought in some boxers.

eljamaiquino site profile image  

6/29/13 9:33 AM by eljamaiquino

Except that match wasn't won by advantages, Galvao won 4-0. That's a lot of points for "not much of anything"

eljamaiquino site profile image  

6/29/13 9:28 AM by eljamaiquino

Hendo and Sonnen easily have better wrestling credentials and experience. Someone just listed them above me....

Lazer MMA site profile image  

6/29/13 8:28 AM by Lazer MMA

It's based on gross speculation which may indeed be true but WTF knows really? In any case your facts are from hunger completely!Hendo (partial only):2000 Pan American Games Champion1998 Pan American Games bronze medalist1997 US World Team member (7th)1997 US Open Senior National Champion1996 US Olympian, Greco Roman (12th)1996 World Cup silver medalist1995 Pan American Games bronze medalist1994 US World Team member (12th) & 1997 (7th)1994 US Open Senior National Champion1994 World Cup silver medalist1994 USA University Greco Roman National Champion1993 US Open Senior National Champion1993 USA University Greco Roman National ChampionSonnen:The man has a very strong MMA wrestling game, and a very solid double. He has credentials in freestyle as wellUniversity National Freestyle Championships187.25 lb -5th place out of University of Oregon (1998)[92]187.25 lb -3rd place out of University of Oregon (1999)[93]187.25 lb -2nd place out of University of Oregon (2000)[94Hendo also has taken guys down with doubles, singles and other non-greco TD's too many times to count.

frumpy site profile image  

6/28/13 9:22 PM by frumpy

I would agree with this. I realize that Henderson and Chael went and wrestled internationally in Greco, but you are not allowed to use your legs. It seems like a subset of wrestling. In folk style, the only style that all three of them did, Chris was a multiple time all amercian competing at 197. Chael finished 8th once which was an upset as he was not even seeded in the tourney and was eliminated by being pinned. Henderson only qualified once and never placed in the top 8. Weidman was more accomplished, more recently, at a higher weight class. In mma, you use your legs. I would heavily favor Weidman to beat either of them in a folkstyle match tomorrow. people who suggest that wrestling is the same base as grappling for adcc are either delusional or have never watched it. There are no points the first half of the match at all which eliminates the opening takedown. The scoring is all jiu jitsu based scoring, no exposures, no back points, no reversals, no escapes. Sweeps, passing the guard, taking the back are how you score. Pablo Popovitch tapped Hodge winner Ben Askren in the same tournament in less than a minute. Galvao took 3rd in the absolute in 2007 beating Werdum along the way and won his weight class and absolute in 2011 tapping popovitch and handling Palhares pretty easily. Weidman went at him and pushed the action. It is a pretty remarkable performance for somebody who had less than a year experience. Suggesting that anything should be discounted since he scored no points shows a lack of understanding to how that tournament works or a lack of neutrality. Half of the matches in grappling tournaments end with no scoring and are won by advantage. When Braulio won the absolute in that same tournament, he beat the forums Brasco 0-0 by advantage. In a match against a NCAA wrester, any experienced grappler is going to sit to guard and try to make him pass. Passing the guard of a player such as Galvao with no strikes is extremely difficult. Galvao could not get much of anything going against Weidman which is a real testament to Weidman

Oddessa site profile image  

6/28/13 8:02 PM by Oddessa

frat  .. till this

Lazer MMA site profile image  

6/28/13 4:54 PM by Lazer MMA

Wow great thread. TY all!

UGCTT_NKTKDace site profile image  

6/28/13 4:42 PM by UGCTT_NKTKDace

But but butlol