Browne: Don't complain after you sign the deal


Recently a string of current and former UFC athletes have publically aired grieviences with their pay as a fighter in the UFC. Quinton Jackson, Jacob Volkmann, and Tim Kennedy have recently critized their employer. However, Travis Browne sees the situation different and is actually critical of the fighters complaining about pay:

"I'm doing alright for myself, and I'm taking care of my family," he said. "I know what I'm getting myself into. It's not like their promising me a million and giving me 10 grand. I signed on the dotted line, and I'm doing what I want to do. I'm able to take care of my family and provide, and that's success for me."

"If you want to fight, this is what's promised to you," he said. "If you agree to it, then I don't feel like you have the right to go back and say, 'They're not paying me that much.' You agreed to it. This is your job. I think that some guys may forget about that a little bit.

"Tim isn't the first guy to ever say that. Look at (heavyweight) Todd Duffee. … He basically got cut for what he said. I don't agree with it. I'm not going to complain after I'm the one that signed on the dotted line. They're not twisting my arm to sign with them."

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rjhartman site profile image  

6/28/13 1:16 PM by rjhartman

As much as I wanted to come on here and blaze Browne, I cant. What he is saying makes sense. Honor the contract you signed. I would still like to see the mid level mma fighters making more money, like mid level/journeyman boxers do.

luctaro site profile image  

6/28/13 12:27 PM by luctaro

If your opinion was so correct the case could have never passed a preliminary hearing. Clearly Alvarez has a case in his hands, whether you are right or not will be decided in court.

nostripewhite site profile image  

6/28/13 11:20 AM by nostripewhite

His numbers are good, even without assuming he was given extras.

LILBROCK site profile image  

6/28/13 11:18 AM by LILBROCK

With regards to contractual obligations, yes they are.

luctaro site profile image  

6/28/13 10:58 AM by luctaro

Yes because both situations are the same.

LILBROCK site profile image  

6/28/13 10:00 AM by LILBROCK


LILBROCK site profile image  

6/28/13 9:55 AM by LILBROCK

He made $12K + $12K + $65K (SOTN) for the Griggs fight alone, so $89K for the one fight. I also bet they took care of him for headlining against Bigfoot. In 2011, he got $16K + $70K (KOTN) over Struve so $86K for that one fight. For his last fight against Gonzaga, he made $40K + $50K (KOTN), so $90K. So in the last 2 years and 3 fights, he's made $265K not including sponsor money or his 2 other fights. He's made well over $300,000 in the past 2 years.

canofsticks site profile image  

6/28/13 9:37 AM by canofsticks

"Their* education..." And what a gross response.

canofsticks site profile image  

6/28/13 9:33 AM by canofsticks

hasn't the issue always been not how much they're being paid, but how much they're being paid relative to revenue UFC makes per event? Which IMO is two completely different things.

Quickash1t site profile image  

6/28/13 9:29 AM by Quickash1t

Kennedy is a joke. Yes fighting cost money for training etc. But maybe you should do so within your means. If you know you are making a certain amount of money, then don't let the cost of your training etc outweigh that where you can't make a living. Whoever said UFC is making 57 million per fight, I am pretty sure that is wayyyyy off. For a PPV that does 750k, which is on the high side, they would make aroun 23million. Then maybe an extra 2million from the sale of seats.  Then you have to take into consideration it is not free to run these events. They spend millions to promote it, tons on insurance to be able to have the fight. They have to pay commisions and production costs. As far as money from sponsors. The fighters are able to make money through sponsors as well if they have a manager worth a damn. And if you can't get sponsors you should not be shelling out much money to your manager.