Gracie: Anderson Silva 'not a humble guy'


Renzo Gracie is a legend in mixed martial arts and perhaps one of the most respected members of the community. Gracie has been a big part of helping Chris Weidman prepare for UFC 162, and when asked about Anderson Silva, had some choices words about the champion:

Gracie tells The Fight Network (video here) it's because Silva does not respect his opponents.

"Anderson is a guy that rubs many people the wrong way. He's not a humble guy. Even though he may speak humbly when he talks, when he's in the ring he doesn't act humble. He puts down his opponents. He acts in a way that again, we always know what is right and wrong, and by looking at that, we know it's wrong. It's like you can beat your opponent, but do it with respect."

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TheLuckyMilkMan site profile image  

6/30/13 5:39 PM by TheLuckyMilkMan

forget for a moment who said it... the statement is %100 true. Andy is most probably the best at the moment but seems like an asshole much of the time while trying hard to act like he isnt."the best doesnt need to be humble"... no one does, but he likes to act it a lot of the time and is definitely not.

leifdawg site profile image  

6/30/13 10:30 AM by leifdawg

This, he pisses people off to try and get them to over commit and make mistakes.

leifdawg site profile image  

6/30/13 10:12 AM by leifdawg

You know another guy who didn't respect his opponents. Michael Jordan, worked for him.

Bucephalus site profile image  

6/30/13 1:25 AM by Bucephalus

Thanks for the info, Captain Obvious.The issue is Renzo's hypocrisy, not his support of Weidman. There are a lot of other ways that Renzo could be supporting Weidman.

Michael Chase site profile image  

6/30/13 12:01 AM by Michael Chase

I sincerely hope the "stomping was justified" people aren't agreeing that Silva is disrespectful for taunting...

MMA Lives Here site profile image  

6/29/13 11:37 PM by MMA Lives Here

You thought stomping on the back of an unconscious opponent's neck after the fight was justified. Interdasting

MMA Lives Here site profile image  

6/29/13 11:34 PM by MMA Lives Here

Is that supposed to make some sort of difference bud?

Animal Mother site profile image  

6/29/13 11:22 PM by Animal Mother

I think you missed the point. They would want to see Samurai shaking and piss himself like the pathetic little bitch he is the second he got within 50 yards of Renzo. No one said Renzo would assault him, he wouldn't have to.

Animal Mother site profile image  

6/29/13 11:17 PM by Animal Mother

Right? It amazing the balls on some of these guys from behind their monitors.

Hollow Rain (FtheOG) site profile image  

6/29/13 7:16 PM by Hollow Rain (FtheOG)

You just earned my VU for the day, congratulations