Ronda Rousey: I would love to beat the s--- out of Brian Caraway


Ronda Rousey has a very public war of words with Miesha Tate and boyfriend and UFC fighter Brian Caraway. The three have verbally sparred in the media and on Twitter ever since Tate was booked to fight Rousey for the title. Today in a chat for Metro PCS, Rousey didn't waste the opportunity to take another jab at Caraway:

Though time has passed, the heat between the two remains on full blast and was once again evident in a MetroPCS chat Rousey recently did with fans when she was asked to name a male she’d like to fight.

“People ask me this question all the time and it’s the same answer all the time,” responded Rousey. “I would love to beat the sh*t out of Bryan Caraway, but apparently it’s not legal. And he seems like the kind of b*tch that would sue me.”

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Gunt site profile image  

7/6/13 2:31 AM by Gunt

Lots of white knights appear whenever someone criticizes Rousey. But the fact is that every time she opens her mouth, she annoys. She's okay looking but she's from the wrong side of the tracks and not very smart. I can't wait until some fighter like Cyborg punches the ugly onto her so that her looks align with her brains.

DanGold site profile image  

7/5/13 11:56 PM by DanGold

Goddamn it there's a real fucking fight tomorrow with elite fighters in it. Let's let this terrible Rousey dogshit die a death until Sunday.

McFly site profile image  

7/5/13 11:49 PM by McFly

Good post. This gal speaks from logic and sensibility, not purely from emotion.

McFly site profile image  

7/5/13 11:47 PM by McFly

Yup, what I've been saying all along as well. Voted up for more truth.

Jsteven site profile image  

7/5/13 7:33 PM by Jsteven

I speak the troof

2leftfeet site profile image  

7/5/13 4:36 PM by 2leftfeet

I like Ronda, but I doubt she could beat BC in a grappling match. I'm a female BJJ player and I know from years of training that guys my own weight (145) are significantly stronger than me. I can school a white belt guy my size, but any guy with even basic grappling skills has such a huge advantage from his superior strength it's scary. I'm sure she knows that, too, as all women BJJ players end up rolling with guys most of the time.

The Machinist site profile image  

7/5/13 2:39 PM by The Machinist

<blockquote>88samurai88 - If it came down to a quick confrontation and it led to some sort of assault/altercation i honestly believe that R.R could judo throw B.C easily, then break his arm within 30 seconds. ..she subbed the hall hype train a few times so why wouldnt she be able to pull off one on B.C...just my opinion <img src="/images/phone/apple.png" alt="Phone Post 3.0" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/></blockquote>Ummm. Sorry, but no. Anyone that believes Rhonda would have a chance doing anything against Caraway just doesn't train or has no knowledge of how good BC actually is. Can Rhonda do this to 99.9% of men in the world? Undoubtedly (so people just using the man excuse should shut up too - they should use the 'man who actually trains' excuse). Can she do it to guys like Hall? Maybe... if the fight is already on the ground (Hall looks to be average blue belt at best on the ground). She ain't closing the distance against Hall without getting knocked out in the process though. Even then, that whole thing we saw on TUF was just for TV. It exposed UH for probably having a crappy ground game, but they were still just messing around. You give things to Rhonda, she'll take it home (as long as it is an arm - we haven't seen her do anything else).But if anyone doubts the credentials of Caraway, a high level MMA fighter, a collegiate wrestler, a purple belt in BJJ (or higher, not sure) under a legit affiliation, with decent striking is a complete idiot.This is a silly thread. I rarely post, but the idiocy in this thread inspired me to post. I'm glad most people are starting to get tired of Rhonda. Worst personality in MMA.It is becoming clear that Rhonda is extremely hard up and either wants Caraway, Tate or both. My guess is Tate.

McFly site profile image  

7/1/13 12:38 PM by McFly

Thread title should read: Rousey: "I'd love to beat the jizz out of Caraway's dick". (b/c she sure isn't beating him any other way)

UGCTT_mrzipplokk site profile image  

7/1/13 8:13 AM by UGCTT_mrzipplokk

Don't think she could beat him up even if he wore a blindfold. lol

crazydave site profile image  

7/1/13 7:42 AM by crazydave

She needs to shut her mouth.