Melendez: I'm coming for that UFC title


Gilbert Melendez was the reigning Strikeforce lightweight champion and as such was immediately granted a shot at the UFC lightweight title. He lost a five round decision to champion Benson Henderson, a decision he disagreed with, and Melendez still feels like he's the best lightweight on the planet:

"I think I am the best lightweight fighter in the world," Melendez told Bleacher Report. "I think that I made that goal and I think I've done that. I believe I showed that in my last fight. I think I proved that I am a better fighter than Benson. He's a tough matchup to fight and I feel like I did beat him that night. Maybe I lost on the judge's cards, but I know I won the fight. I held my ground and was ready to fight to the death right there and I don't think he was."

"That said, I'm revamping the goal now. I'm going after that lightweight title and I am going to continue to prove I'm the best lightweight fighter in the world. My goal now is to get that UFC strap. I don't care who has it. I'm coming for that UFC title."

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ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

6/29/13 2:13 PM by ranier wolfcastle

imo gil edged out the win vs bendo

Ryan Black site profile image  

6/29/13 12:25 PM by Ryan Black

I watched that fight with my daughter, and I remember saying "Geez... I think Benson just lost." Then I was shocked to see that he won. I'd have to go back and watch it again to be sure, but it seemed like a gift decision in my opinion, and I'm a big fan of Bendo's- I was rooting for him in that fight. That's when you know a decision is pretty suspect: when you're convinced that the fighter you're rooting for lost decisively.But, like I said, I'm gonna go back and watch that fight again to make a better judgement.

JStrongMMA site profile image  

6/29/13 12:08 PM by JStrongMMA

Well...most people agree he won that fight so...

Anti209 site profile image  

6/29/13 11:00 AM by Anti209

if he ducks healy long enough he may get another shot. he cant beat maynard or grant either though.

used2wrestle site profile image  

6/29/13 10:59 AM by used2wrestle

also i don't think gsp is ready to fight to the death but he wins 50-45 almost every time so that argument would only work if the competition was a "willingness to fight to the death" title, unfortunately the competition is judged on actual fighting.

used2wrestle site profile image  

6/29/13 10:57 AM by used2wrestle

it would really make more sense if he said this before the title fight. His last fight was literally for the title and he lost.also he must have thought he was the champion already because he definitely wasn't fighting to win.

Anderson P. Sonnen site profile image  

6/29/13 3:59 AM by Anderson P. Sonnen

He did great against Bendo, considering. I think he has more than a chance at getting that belt.WAR GIL!

FinestScotch site profile image  

6/29/13 3:48 AM by FinestScotch

I figured this was before the Benson fight. Also I mean, I know he's just answering on the spot, but his justification for winning on the night is he held his ground and was willing to fight for the death? Usually a guy says "I felt my takedowns made the difference" or "I was beating him to the punch" maybe even "He landed more but I landed the better shots".

MMAtador site profile image  

6/28/13 10:39 PM by MMAtador

No matter what you or that dumbass camp says, you lost that fight. Until you realize that and learn how to take a loss like a man you will never be champion in the UFC.

Pessimist_Pete site profile image  

6/28/13 10:35 PM by Pessimist_Pete

Gil is going to destroy Sanchez.