Should he lose, Anderson Silva will be granted immediate rematch


With an unblemished record inside the UFC, Anderson Silva definitely may deserve an immediate rematch should he lose to Chris Weidman, and today UFC President Dana White confirmed that indeed will be the case:

"I'd do the rematch the next fight," UFC President Dana White on Monday told ( "Guy hasn't lost in the UFC ever, has beat everybody. He loses that fight, he's the guy for a rematch if he wants it."

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idsmashit site profile image  

7/2/13 4:24 PM by idsmashit

Will be hoping Anderson smashes Wiedman then sets up the Jones fight. biggest fight ever.

RCP_TT4LIFE site profile image  

7/2/13 3:52 PM by RCP_TT4LIFE

Only $5 million for the one of the biggest fights in the history of the sport?

Ghost of Retard site profile image  

7/2/13 3:48 PM by Ghost of Retard

The Jones fight will earn Silva at least 3x that.    If it happens.  

Twister Trent site profile image  

7/2/13 3:11 PM by Twister Trent

Franklin got a rematch. Sooo...

SQUEEZIE site profile image  

7/2/13 3:05 PM by SQUEEZIE

most likely yes.depending on how the fights play out probably.

SQUEEZIE site profile image  

7/2/13 3:03 PM by SQUEEZIE

i didnt even think this had to be said.thought this was a given

Pill Clinton site profile image  

7/2/13 2:39 PM by Pill Clinton

Well getting caught in one min. Would be controversial in my opinion. I think if its not a fluke and its a one sided total domination then no rematch would be needed. It should depend on the fight as stated. if he just gets caught or it controversial in some way definitely deserves a rematch.

Raxbot site profile image  

7/2/13 2:32 PM by Raxbot

Yeah, because being champion entitling a fighter to a mulligan reinforces the integrity of the sport and the validity of the competition. It doesn't cheapen the value of the belt at all.

IIAces site profile image  

7/2/13 2:20 PM by IIAces

Wow a lot of people are dumb. The champ should work his way up after going 16-0 in the organization and defending the belt 12 times? Y'all a fucking idiots.

IIAces site profile image  

7/2/13 2:20 PM by IIAces

y'all are fucking idiots!!**