Gonzaga: I have the skills to work back to title shot


Dave Herman fights Gabriel Gonzaga Saturday night at UFC 162. Herman is coming off a submission loss to Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira at UFC 153 in October. Prior to that fight Herman had made a bold declaration.

"He's won 20 fights by submission - but we all know BJJ doesn't work," said Herman. "It's useless. Wrestling means you don't need to worry about jiu-jitsu. I've never lost by submission and I am not worried about it at all."

Gabriel Gonzaga, 34, whose last three wins were all by submission, wouldn't be upset if Herman said he still doesn't do BJJ, because he wouldn't believe it.

"Piss me off? Definitely not," told MMAjunkie.com Radio. "I know he's doing that just to be controversial. It's impossible that Dave Herman doesn't train jiu-jitsu because he knows the importance. In my opinion, he's training jiu-jitsu and training how to avoid [submissions]. If you train how to avoid wrestling, you're training wrestling. If you train how to avoid striking, you're training striking."

"Wherever the fight goes, I need to be prepared to be there. I'm trying to bring back a little bit of punching and kicking, but if the fight goes to the ground, I need to be ready to apply my jiu-jitsu."

"The striking – the knockout – is a good feeling because you're not expecting it, and one punch can finish the fight. With a submission, you set up the threat. Your movement to get to the position is different. The fans like to see it, but the fans really like to see blood and people falling with the knockouts."

"Until my body is ready to go, I think [I'll keep fighting]. I don't have a date. As long as I still feel healthy to do it, I'm going to do it. My skill level, I definitely do have. You need to have good fights and a good showing for the crowd, like a knockout, and then you go faster to the title shot. If you keep winning the fights and aren't so exciting, they still hold you back.

"With the skills, I have what it takes to get back there."

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Thatsjustlikeyouropionman site profile image  

7/4/13 3:25 PM by Thatsjustlikeyouropionman


The Brool Story Company site profile image  

7/4/13 2:28 PM by The Brool Story Company

Gonzaga reminds me of Struve, will always come up short.

caseharts site profile image  

7/4/13 2:26 PM by caseharts

Gonzaga if he could get his wrestling up cardio up be a serious fight for cain. That bjj.

Kazp306 site profile image  

7/4/13 2:02 PM by Kazp306

I miss Carwin

Galanis site profile image  

7/4/13 1:46 PM by Galanis

People forget Gonzaga nearly stopped Carwin with punches. Of course, the fight played out how it did, and that's the game.. but JDS and Roy did not hurt Carwin nearly as much. I think if Gabe woulda kept it standing, and continued to hit him with heavy punches, he may have won by KO. After 2-3 huge shots, he began to take Carwin to the mat, where he recovered and got back to his feet.

BobD site profile image  

7/3/13 10:17 PM by BobD

Shane Carwin once observerd that no one hit him as hard as Gonzaga did (this was post JDS), and that in his opinion, if Gonzaga could 'get it together' he was capable of winning the heavyweight title.

anthonyshogun site profile image  

7/3/13 9:31 PM by anthonyshogun

Lol my thoughts

Wes_Mantooth site profile image  

7/3/13 9:10 PM by Wes_Mantooth

No comment on Gonzaga's statement. I will get banned if I comment.

inspireduk site profile image  

7/3/13 8:54 PM by inspireduk

The last time Herman made such a fuss about Brazilian Jiu jitsu not working, Big Nog tapped him out. I think Gonzaga will finish him via submission

Lynchman site profile image  

7/3/13 7:11 PM by Lynchman

Agreed. I would like to see GG spend some time at a higher level camp, Arizona Combat, AKA, ATT, Jacksons or somewhere else where he is not the top dog and is pushed like everyone else.A mentally focused and well conditioned Gonzaga could rise to the top.