Munoz: I can definitely beat Weidman


His stunning knockout win over Mark Munoz is what propelling Chris Weidman to a middleweight title shot. For different reasons, both athletes waited on the shelf before turning to action. Weidman captured the middleweight title from Anderson Silva and Munoz dominated Tim Boetsch on route to a decision win. Now that Weidman is the champion, Munoz would not only like to avenge that loss, but could also win the middleweight title at the same time. Although the first fight was quite decisive, Mark Munoz is confident in himself should he get his much desired rematch:

The goal for essentially every fight in the sport is to one day became a world champion, and despite his age of 35, Munoz is no different and is already eyeing a future rematch with Weidman.

"You saw the real Mark Munoz tonight," Munoz said on the UFC 162 post-fight show on FUEL TV. "And having said that, I want that title. I want that belt and I think I can definitely beat Chris Weidman."

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Recent Comments »

Blackbeard site profile image  

7/9/13 1:21 AM by Blackbeard

Fight is not even remotely interesting. Weidman handed him his ass everywhere that fight. Plus Munoz needs 3 more like 4 wins before it would even be a thought. Jacare would destroy Munoz. Set it up!!

Bipolar site profile image  

7/9/13 12:26 AM by Bipolar

Hard to believe anyone thinks this could be competitive, let alone that Munoz could win. I don't care what kind of condition Mark is in. Tell me, how exactly is Munoz going to beat Weidman? Not on the ground. Chris is far superior, and that's not debatable. On the feet? Not a chance. Is someone seriously going to argue that Munoz has better stand-up, or that it's even close? Weidman outclasses Mark everywhere and in every way. This is ridiculous.

Enemies site profile image  

7/8/13 11:24 PM by Enemies

I'd give Munoz a .0001% chance of beating Weidman. Maybe 1 in a million is kind of unfair, but meh!

Braziliant site profile image  

7/8/13 8:34 PM by Braziliant

He won't be able to keep winning. This guy beats Tim Boetch of all people and is already eyeing Weidman.

short round site profile image  

7/8/13 7:38 PM by short round

It pisses me off when fighters CLEARLY lose in devastating fashion and then play it off like "oh, about that time I got dominated in every asset of the sport and then brutally knocked out... yeah that was a fluke. that wasn't me. I would still beat him"If Munoz just came out and said "I lost to the better fighter that night" I would have a ton more respect for him. Instead, he has a thousand different excuses.

Another Foob site profile image  

7/8/13 12:51 PM by Another Foob

I think it's hard to predict he would win, but I definitely believe the first fight had a lot to do with a suboptimal Munoz. I would very much like to see the rematch.

fightharder site profile image  

7/8/13 12:44 PM by fightharder

Mark needs at least another win. I would like to see him against Vitor. Vitor might not really be interested but its a great fight to make. Anyways i am fucking happy Mark is back. His performance was awesome, he looked like he had cardio for days and those punches where something special. Plus he is such a good,humble dude, the perfect comeback in my book.

mestregruber site profile image  

7/8/13 12:36 PM by mestregruber

Munoz wasn't "coming off an injury", he fought Weidman with a broken foot. I think it would be much more competitive if they fought again - Munoz had no movement and also had a horrendous weight cut thanks to his injury. Weidman might still win, but the Munoz that destroyed Boetsch on Saturday looked way different from the one Weidman fought.

UGCTT_FryedTakayama site profile image  

7/8/13 12:32 PM by UGCTT_FryedTakayama

Weidman beats any version of Munoz

caseharts site profile image  

7/8/13 12:24 PM by caseharts

I'm not telling him not to compaign but I don't think he deserves it yet nor am I interested in it yet. Chris is way better bjj wise and wrestling wise and Tim was very competitive with mark nearly subbing him in the first.