Zimmerman's MMA coach said he was not good at fighting, at all


Both sides of the George Zimmerman murder trial are attempting to use MMA to bolster their case.

The defense extensively used MMA terms like Ground n Pound to describe what some witnesses said was Trayvon Martin on top of Zimmerman, raining down blows. The prosecution took note of the fact that Zimmerman had trained in MMA.

However, on Monday the owner of the MMA gym where George Zimmerman worked out testified  that Zimmerman’s fighting skills registered at between a “1” and “1.5” on a ten point scale.

Adam Pollack, owner of Kokopelli’s Gym, called Zimmerman “nonathletic” and “just physically soft.”

Pollack said that Zimmerman began working out in October 2010 in order to lose weight and get in shape. Pollack said that Zimmerman trained “two to three days at most,” attending sessions between work and school.

He said Zimmerman was “a beginner” and not competent in grappling.

Pollack said that Zimmerman was “very diligent” and “very coachable” but didn’t have the strength or skill to be successful in the sport.

Pollack said that Zimmerman was grossly obese when he began training. “That was the main focus of why he was there,” he said, adding “he was doing very well with that.”

Pollack also said that Zimmerman began boxing training but that he never progressed past shadow boxing. “He didn’t know how to really effectively punch.”

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In a bizarre twist to the case, the very next day after testifying, Pollack himself had to appear in court over a March, 2013 arrest for allegedly assaulting Tina Mangiardi, a former model who agreed to plead guilty of defrauding investors of over $2 million in a Ponzi scheme.

Fifty year-old Mangiardi admitted to defrauding investors in March, and a week later went to a meeting at Kokopelli's gym. Once inside, she alleges Pollock put on a pair of black gloves and pulled out a knife, threatening to cut off her fingers and toes as collateral.

Pollock was held without bond at the time on multiple charges, including felony battery by strangulation, kidnapping, false imprisonment, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and battery.

Pollock admitted to police that he did push Mangiardi and may have slapped her.

If convicted, Pollock’s sentence may exceed the sentence that was handed down to Tina Mangiardi, the woman who defrauded him,

And what happens to Zimmerman is anyone's guess at this point.

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OmaGogo site profile image  

7/12/13 4:35 PM by OmaGogo

I can't believe that white KKK guy is going to get away with dragging that cute 9 year old african american child after sunday school :(Lock him up for life.-The UG

sillyscreenname site profile image  

7/11/13 6:12 PM by sillyscreenname


ender852 site profile image  

7/11/13 5:47 PM by ender852

Blah blah blah, the kid could have been bragging, you don't know those are facts. The facts are, a teenage boy who bought candy and committed no crime was stalked and then murdered by a grown man.

sillyscreenname site profile image  

7/11/13 5:33 PM by sillyscreenname

If you were following the trial even a little bit you should know from all the maps that were shown that if he had really tried to run away, to run home, he could have done so a couple of times over in the time between Zimmerman left the car and the altercation started. Because of the phone records from his call to the police and the calls to the police from the home owners it is known for a fact that there was more than enough time for him to run home.That teenager also had encrypted text messages on his cell phone where he talked about winning street fights, dealing drugs and buying a gun of his own. But they weren't admitted as evidence because according to the judge a 7 year old hacker could've written them or Trayvon could've shared his phone with two layers of encryption with someone else.The only way they could've met is if Trayvon waited around to ambush him.

ender852 site profile image  

7/11/13 5:10 PM by ender852

There's nothing "self defence" about following some teenager in your car, stalking them when they try to run away, and ultimately killing them. I hope his murdering coward ass goes to jail for life. Wannabe cop piece of shit, big man with a gun. Makes me sick.

angryinch site profile image  

7/11/13 3:44 PM by angryinch

  He was considered suspicious because the neighborhood was having a rash of burglaries and here's this guy who fits the description of the burglars walking around at night going behind and inbetween houses.  That doesn't look quite normal.   As for the other part, Zim's head was busted up pretty badly.  That said, one doesn't need to wait until they are dead before being allowed to defend themselves against the threat of either death or great bodily harm.  If someone's on top of you slamming your head into the concrete and telling you they're going to kill you, do you really think you should wait until you are either unconscious or actually dead or maimed before being allowed to defend yourself?   That particular argument is quite possibly the most retarded one being made by the anti self defense crowd.  

NHBStriker site profile image  

7/11/13 3:35 PM by NHBStriker

I've seen video of Trayvon buying skittles/drink in the convenience store just prior to the altercation. He was acting pretty weird. I can understand why Zimmerman considered him suspicious if he was acting the same way while walking home.

NHBStriker site profile image  

7/11/13 3:31 PM by NHBStriker

I've watched some of the trial, and I'm a lot more sympathetic towards Zimmerman than I was to begin with.I don't think we'll ever know for sure though who actually attacked first.

Ryazzo site profile image  

7/11/13 1:42 PM by Ryazzo

"The reason he felt comfortable enough to chase after a somewhat suspicious person was because he had a gun with him. The reason an altercation occurred was likely because he was chasing an innocent person who didn't like being chased. The reason he shot the innocent person is because he was losing the fight and he had a gun. Gun = confidence = get into situation unnecessarily = get out of situation by shooting gun.... Awesome."Truth....also why was Trayvon even considered suspicous? Also to use deadly force to protect from deadly force, didnt Zimmerman barely have a scratch on his head and deny any medical treatment?

angryinch site profile image  

7/11/13 1:24 PM by angryinch

Actually, what I'm watching is the actual trial, not nancy grace or fox.  I'm getting the actual facts and the actual testimony.   My question still stands.