Weidman: Silva 'realized he couldn't hurt me'


Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva is famous for getting in his ooponent's heads, but Chris Weidman said Saturday night, the roles reveresed.

“He had felt my power and knew I was way more powerful than him, and he realized he couldn’t hurt me with anything he was going to do,” Weidman said Tuesday.

“I was in there right away trying to finish him, I don’t think he’s used to that."

“I didn’t really care where the fight went. I went for a kneebar and knew there was a risk of the guy getting back to his feet if I couldn’t finish. I either wanted to submit him on the floor or knock him out.”

“I threw my forehead on his fists a few times, to let him know I wasn’t scared – ‘Give me your best shot, I’ll eat it."

“He was trying to get me to freeze up, make me feel like I didn’t belong in the cage with him.”

Finally, Weidman ended the antics, concluding, “I’m coming after you now.”

Weidman said he enjoyed a lunch with White Monday that is due to be followed by a substantial financial bonus -- “Let’s just say I’m happy to be part of the UFC,” Weidman said.

Weidman said he is likely to undergo arthroscopic surgery on his right knee soon to clear out some “bone chips or scar tissue ... that’ll only lay me up two weeks, then I’ll get back to training.”

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Stannis Baratheon site profile image  

7/12/13 3:16 PM by Stannis Baratheon

I think the two of you would make a splendid couple too ;)

Stannis Baratheon site profile image  

7/12/13 3:14 PM by Stannis Baratheon


HexRei site profile image  

7/11/13 3:16 AM by HexRei

You're a fucking idiot. Who are all these MW's the UFC was protecting him from?

SOO72 site profile image  

7/11/13 3:14 AM by SOO72

One of Silva's greatest weapons was putting fear into his opponent. If that didn't work on Weidmen before then it's definitely not going to work now. You could see a bit of caution from Weidman, which was based on the fact that Silva had wrecked so many other fighters when they thought they had the upper hand. Nobody had ever seen Silva hurt in the UFC. Even when he was positionally dominated, or and used as a punching bag like he was against Chael, he would very suddenly and violently show that he was not hurt and put his opponent away. That was a big part of why people fought very cautiously against him, or even fought scared.Forget about all that now, because Weidman knows he can KO Silva, and so does Silva. There will be zero intimidation factor next fight.I think Weidman just has Silva's number, but we'll see.

DanGold site profile image  

7/11/13 2:42 AM by DanGold

Jealous much?

Fabefromfort site profile image  

7/11/13 2:36 AM by Fabefromfort

Of course ! This makes sense. i previously posted that when Silva got nailed on the ground in the first minute, his fate was sealed. He no longer could think clearly, his senses were dulled, and he lost his punch. He did get back up off the mat, and did try to KO, or throw all his arsenal at Weidman as a wounded warrior would. I know as a fighter, there is nothing worse than being in a fight, and finding out your punch can't hurt the other guy. Talk about up dada creek, and no paddle. There is not a lot in sport that makes you feel as helpless. A gun and no bullets. Anderson felt this helplessness on Saturday night when he fought Chris Weidman, then promptly unravelled, and disintegrated into what we witnessed on that fateful night.Yes, he simply folded folks. I'm just thinking back. He kneed Chael to win that last one, a front kick did Belfort in. A knee ruined Bonnar. For the most part, most of the last couple of years anyway, Silva's punch is mostly been non existent in starching guys, Definitely formidable, but may not be what it once was. After all he has had wars with Chael, and Hendo where those guys took his best shots, and fought back admirably. now he runs into a huge Weidman who actually looks taller than Silva and for some odd reason..damned huge! He looks well over 220 I would say. Much bigger in appearance than Silva. Maybe that's why Silva thought he could lose, afterall Silva won't fight Rampage, Rashad, Shogun, Jones of course, any guys in the bigger divisions that are good. He will take Griffin, Bonnar, Griffin,i.e the Tomato Cans. But I get sidetracked..Silva was intimidated going in for a lot of reasons. All the fighters, and experts picking weidman, Weidmans size, and youth, coupled with all his strengths. I think we all underestimated Chris's standup, but ultimately it was the confidence that bothered Silva the most, and actually was Chris's biggest weapon. And a huge reason for Silva's final meltdown. The rematch is intriguing, because it looked like Silva was comming back, with the movement, and leg kicks. That pressure though, was just too much I think. Silva would have to expend three times the energy of Weidman to keep that movement going, and he was already tired. You could see it when he sat up. Gassed, defeated.

Brasco site profile image  

7/11/13 2:34 AM by Brasco

This man 'gets it " finally an intelligent manthank you

Brasco site profile image  

7/11/13 2:34 AM by Brasco

This man 'gets it " finally an intelligent manthank you

JM Barrie site profile image  

7/11/13 2:08 AM by JM Barrie

isnt it grand

Affliction Blackbelt site profile image  

7/11/13 1:54 AM by Affliction Blackbelt

Lol'd hard. This post was almost as funny as the posts that said GSP was scared of diaz. Weidman is a new champ, don't drag him down by making his fan base seem like delusional nobgobblers.