White: 'No way' rematch doesn't happen


Since the shocking end to UFC 162, fans and media have already been a buzz with the idea of a rematch. Anderson Silva dispelled the idea immediately in the cage and then a report surfaced that he did desire the rematch. Now UFC President Dana White is adamant the rematch will happen and he's flying to LA to make sure:

"I'm flying to LA next week to go talk to [Silva]...Yes I do [expect the rematch]. Anderson Silva is going to get knocked out again by reality in a few days, and he is going to want to do this fight again... Actually, I am looking to do the rematch THIS year... It could be [UFC 168]. There is going to be a rematch. There is no way we don't do this rematch."

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KingofBJJ site profile image  

7/11/13 7:52 PM by KingofBJJ

I doubt it Dana.  They guy said he is done. Here's how the conversation probably goes: Dana:  Silva!  You and Chris this year 168.  Biggest show in UFC, no MMA history! Silva: <yawn> No. Dana: Oh come!  You were completely embarassed last weekend you owe to your fans. Silva: <sigh> My fans don't care if I fight for a metal thing on my waist, they just want to see me win. Dana: Okay okay. Let me throw you a bone.  A new Ferarri! Huh? Huh? Silva: No. Dana: Lamborghini? Silva: Nope. Dana: your own private Jet? Silva:  Hmmm. Nah. Dana: You're killing me!  Okay what do you want? Silva:  <takes a sheet of paper and jots down a figure> Dana: HOLY @!&*@! To be continued...  

John Nic site profile image  

7/11/13 6:06 PM by John Nic


Glovegate site profile image  

7/11/13 6:03 PM by Glovegate

Coming from the guy who quotes him when it suits his argument.

IIAces site profile image  

7/11/13 5:06 PM by IIAces

No shit it's going to happen. You need something for SB event and already have GSP, Jones, Rousey fighting already. You needed silva to lose so you can have UFC 100 numbers on SB event.

YouCantHandleMyRiddum site profile image  

7/11/13 5:05 PM by YouCantHandleMyRiddum

This is the second biggest fight we can make in MMA right now (Jonathan vs Cain being the first). Truth is, the Silva super fights are ruined so this rematch his possible biggest money fight right now.

Chiron site profile image  

7/11/13 4:55 PM by Chiron

Dana must really be planning to throw a lot of cash at Anderson.

willienugget site profile image  

7/11/13 4:46 PM by willienugget

Yep. Key word 'usually'. We're talking about Anderson Silva.

JOESONDO site profile image  

7/11/13 4:17 PM by JOESONDO

Sure he doesn't want a hematch, who would? But how does he feel about a rematch?

Harold_Howard site profile image  

7/11/13 1:53 PM by Harold_Howard

Aren't rematches usually to given to extreme close fights with controversial decision?

stevekt site profile image  

7/11/13 1:46 PM by stevekt

No hematch. Chris da new shamp. Hespect Chris. Hespect USA. I need helax with my family. Ees normal.