Weidman 1000% in for super fight with Jones


Chris Weidman doesn't have a single defense of his middleweight title on the books yet, yet there is already talk of potential superfights for him down the road. ESPN.com recently spoke to the new champion about this fight with Anderson Silva and a potential super fight with lightheavyweight champion Jon Jones:

Was there any one of Silva’s antics inside the Octagon that irritated you the most? 

Just the excessiveness of it. I was just like, yo, you’re not punching me and I don’t know, like, bro … I mean if you could do all that, punch me in the face. I actually let him punch me in the face; there was one time where I just said, "hit me." He punched me [Weidman points to his chin] and I said, "hit me again." He punched me, and then I could hear my coaches yelling, “Wideman! Stop! Stop!” I’m like, all right, and I circled out. I was just like, bro, what are you doing? I’m laughing inside and saying, I’m winning the fight. It got to the point where I wanted to hit him, so it motivated me to put my hands on him. 

If Silva had won the fight against you, there was talk about possible superfights for Silva against either Jon Jones or Georges St-Pierre. Now that for the time being that’s not going to happen, would you ever consider a fight against either of those two guys? 

Definitely not against GSP. First off, I would never call out someone who was a lot smaller than me. I’ve trained with him before, and he’s just a smaller guy. I’m not the type of guy who is going to be like, Hey, you want to fight? I’ve got Anderson Silva on my mind, but if the fans wanted to see that fight [against Jones] and the UFC wanted it to happen, I’m 1000 percent in. I asked to fight Jon Jones on 10 days’ notice back when Dan Henderson got hurt. But I wasn’t a big enough name at that point, so they were like, no. 

Your goal has always been to be champion. Now that you have reached the pinnacle of your profession, how have you readjusted your goals? 

My ultimate goal was always that I want to be known as one of the greatest of all time. The first step was obviously to be UFC champion. I did that, and now it’s time to take one fight at a time and really just set myself apart from the group. That’s my goal.

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Stannis Baratheon site profile image  

7/15/13 12:49 PM by Stannis Baratheon

VU as well for not being delusional

Stannis Baratheon site profile image  

7/15/13 12:48 PM by Stannis Baratheon

Btw Jones is way too strong for any MW.. And would rag doll Wiedman at will

Stannis Baratheon site profile image  

7/15/13 12:46 PM by Stannis Baratheon

^^ agreed, after a few defenses let's talk about it. Obviously Chris was just answering the question but as usual his delusional fans are.. Well.. Being delusional again.

Eatin Applesauce site profile image  

7/15/13 11:22 AM by Eatin Applesauce

i'd love to see it honestly,after a few defenses and people accept that chris is this good i think it would be a sell-able fight,listen i would want to see it now,RIGHT NOW,because i know these guys are two world class talents,but the fights have to SELL.. P

Leck Brosnar site profile image  

7/15/13 11:04 AM by Leck Brosnar

^ Are you implying Anderson has the speed and the old man strength on his side? Damn, Weidman is even more impressive.

MartialArtsMixed site profile image  

7/15/13 10:21 AM by MartialArtsMixed

He's 38, Weidman is in his 20s.

Stannis Baratheon site profile image  

7/15/13 9:50 AM by Stannis Baratheon

Lol @ it being a superfight when wiedman got gifted the belt by Anderson antics and hasn't even defended it.Actually Lmao @ it being a superfight.

daxfactor site profile image  

7/15/13 8:30 AM by daxfactor

Umm jones is the true American badass. He has destroyed everyone put j front of him. This fight looks like jones hamill or bader

Ninja Tea Party site profile image  

7/15/13 7:11 AM by Ninja Tea Party

Let's forget the whole "Superfight" naming and just ask: Who is interested in seeing Weidman fight Jones? Because I couldn't care less about that fight.

Arlovskis Chin site profile image  

7/13/13 3:40 PM by Arlovskis Chin

Totally changed my opinion of Weidmann. Kid's a stud. I used to think he was bullshitting but it's so refreshing to see an anywhere any time sort of fighter champ Nowadays.