T.J. Grant hurt, Anthony Pettis in vs. Benson Henderson at UFC 164


The last time Anthony Pettis and Benson Henderson fought was late in 2010, and this happened.

Pettis was originally scheduled to fight Jose Aldo for the UFC Featherweight title at UFC 163 on August 3 at the HSBC Arena in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. In mid June, a knee injury forced Pettis off the card, and he was replaced by The Korean Zombie Chan Sung Jung.

T.J. Grant had been scheduled to fight Benson Henderson for the UFC lightweight title at UFC 164 on Aug. 31 MIlwaukee's Bradley Centet. However, Grant has been injured, and has been replaced by Pettis.

Grant revealed via social networks that the injury was a concussion, suffered during BJJ practice.

"I suffered a concussion in training and it's taking a little longer than I expected to heal," said Grant via Facebook. "I am making improvements everyday and should be back to training soon I hope. Thanks everyone for your concern, I'll be back 100% and will be looking to get my hands on whoever has the gold."

Grant continued via Twitter, addressing the tinfoil hat set, who saw a conspiracy in there, somewhere.

"Sorry all you conspiracy theorists," said Granbt. "@danawhite / @ufc did not and could not pay me any amount of money to step aside."


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Augustus Caesar site profile image  

7/15/13 3:19 PM by Augustus Caesar

TJ Grant: "You can't even argue with people who think I faked this injury, it's not even worth it, their IQ is so low" Ariel Helwani: "We have a name for those people around these parts.." TJ Grant: "What...douchbags?"    Via MMAHour  

FixedPartialArts site profile image  

7/15/13 3:03 PM by FixedPartialArts

Except:- the title shot instead of Maynard- the title shot instead of Edgar- the title shot instead of Melendez- wish to stay in the Aldo fight in spite of minor injury- Fighting Aldo in 6+ months rather than 3-4- fighting in Milwaukee when they came there in '11Outside of that though, he's gotten everything he wanted from the UFC.

THE_REAL_AMERICAN site profile image  

7/15/13 2:55 PM by THE_REAL_AMERICAN

Gives Duke Roufus what he wants.

JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

7/13/13 5:13 PM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

I'll bet Harley Davidson is happier to have this main event than they were with Grant-Henderson. You know, if a major sponsor being happy means anything. Which it does. It means they are happier now with a card that feels bigger for their hometown throwdown. Maybe TJ Grant can win the contest to get his face on the canvas?That would be nice.

Madmuzzy site profile image  

7/13/13 4:03 PM by Madmuzzy

My only reply is YESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

PeaceThroughStrength site profile image  

7/13/13 3:54 PM by PeaceThroughStrength

What are you talking about? Former President Morsi was tossed out of office after he decided to grant himself sweeping powers,including immunitie for his decisions against judiciary appeal. No effective checks and balances, especially an independent judiciaryThe grab for supreme power did Morsi in,,he drastically overstepped his authority.This on top of sharia law! How you can compare a UFC fight with this is beyond me.I have know clue what this has to do with Pettis vs Henderson.If the UFC wanted to make this fight happen the wouldn't have to fake injuries and pay people off. In the past the ufc have said a fighter will get the next shot at the tittle,before giving it too a different fighter.They did it the easy way,without secrets and payoffs.

TeamRenzo4Life site profile image  

7/13/13 3:48 PM by TeamRenzo4Life

1. It was their last ever round of the last ever fight in the last ever show under the WEC banner, so they wanted to go out in spectacular fashion.2. To generate interest in WEC fighters headed to the UFC.

thetrophybuck site profile image  

7/13/13 3:18 PM by thetrophybuck

Maybe they made this fight to get people to stop talkin bout weidman-silva? cover up one conspiracy with another

Aaron Becker site profile image  

7/13/13 2:59 PM by Aaron Becker

you're both fuckin idiots

UGCTT_AndersonKnowsHowToNap site profile image  

7/13/13 1:00 PM by UGCTT_AndersonKnowsHowToNap

Epwar. His thread exploded yesterday haha. Dude can see the future. Get ur powerball numbers while he still has it.