UFC spent $620,000 on lobbyists in 2012


The UFC has been a driving force in the battle for acceptance of mixed martial arts across the United States and the world. To that effort they have spent countless dollars on lobbyists to push their agenda across the country and in Washington, DC:

The industry-leading fight promotion shelled out $620,000, double the amount of Major League Baseball and nearly five times the National Basketball Association's payout, according to the Center for Responsible Politics. 

The NFL dwarfed all major sporting organizations with $1.14 million. 

The UFC's 2012 figures represent a 51 percent increase from the previous year, in which parent company Zuffa spent $410,000 in Washington, and a 158 percent increase from $240,000 in 2008, when CRP first tracked lobbying records. 

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AlexinTO site profile image  

7/16/13 10:09 PM by AlexinTO

Democracy at work....Yay world's greatest democracy with only two choices that other than in name are almost identical...Yay democracy...

Harmon Whistler site profile image  

7/16/13 9:46 PM by Harmon Whistler

Holy shit at the number of posts deleted on this thread.. Why?

Skunk Stink Sac Dog Breath site profile image  

7/16/13 9:38 PM by Skunk Stink Sac Dog Breath

think of all the training centers they could have built for the economically challenged with this money. Instead they try to bribe via lobbyists to expand the UFC Iron Curtain?They make enough money from their casinos but noooo they have to try and make even more money via Zuffa.Dana is gonna be swearing up a storm on twitter over this, fo sho!

Chupacabro site profile image  

7/16/13 9:28 PM by Chupacabro

do other orgs share in any of the leg work, or just reap the benefits of the UFC pushing the envelope?

Mertvaya Ruka site profile image  

7/16/13 6:07 PM by Mertvaya Ruka

I'd be curious about the lobbying costs globally... it cant be cheap. Stuff no other promotions do.

mjbreese site profile image  

7/16/13 6:04 PM by mjbreese

Thank God Dana diverted that money away from paying fighters so it could instead be used to pass unjust laws like SOPA.

Aaron Becker site profile image  

7/16/13 8:31 AM by Aaron Becker

yea I know, it's so stupid

simonpe site profile image  

7/16/13 8:05 AM by simonpe

The american system is so dumb

Devlin site profile image  

7/16/13 7:05 AM by Devlin

Ah cool, thanks man.

DanEzra site profile image  

7/16/13 6:18 AM by DanEzra

A person that represents the interest of your business in meetings lawmakers. Makes sense that a sport trying to gain legalization would spend more than other historically well-established sports. I'd also say it was money well spent with all of NA (except New York) now legalizing MMA.