Manager: Loss just humanizes Anderson Silva


Anderson Silva's manager Ed Soares appeared on the Sherdog Radio Network’s “Beatdown” show on Monday, and discussed The Spiders first loss in the UFC at the fists of Chris Weidman at UFC 162 on July 6, but Silva’s manager Ed Soares doesn’t think the defeat will affect the former middleweight champ’s standing in the sport.

“I think it just humanizes Anderson,” said Soares.

“I think it’s just part of the business that we’re in. Eventually you’re going to lose, and it was unfortunate that he had to lose that way, but he did. But like I said, one night is not going to erase what he’s done in the past seven years. He made a mistake, and in this sport, you make a mistake, you move left instead of moving right, you zig instead of zagging, you could get knocked out. That’s what ended up happening to Anderson. It could happen to anybody on any day.”

“I believe you get to see what Anderson’s like in that video that got put out. You get to see a little bit of the side of Anderson that most people don’t get to see. At the end of the day he’s a human being. He’s just like you and I. He’s got feelings and he’s a great person. We were all upset that he lost that fight and he was too, but that’s what’s going to show the world the legend that he is, is when he comes back and how he comes back from something like this.”

“I just think that [Silva is] going to go in there and take care of business. That’s what I feel very confident about. I don’t know what his game plan is going to be. I think it’s still too early, but I believe in Anderson Silva and whatever he decides to do, I have faith in him.”

What do you think UG? Did the discovery that Silva doesn't in fact live in a different space-time continuum change your opinion?

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Swedgen site profile image  

7/17/13 8:08 PM by Swedgen

@PosterWhoLostWeidmanSigBet Yes.  Einhorn is a man.  for real I lol'd when I read your comment.

MMALOGIC site profile image  

7/17/13 8:06 PM by MMALOGIC

whoever wins the rematch will have to walk through fire to do it.

BalloonBollicks site profile image  

7/17/13 7:49 PM by BalloonBollicks

I wasnt comparing styles I was just making the point that he has Silvas number and that he beats Silva every time (IMHO) Just like BJ got flogged by Frankie, doesn't matter how good you are, there's always someone that has your ticket.

TEX4N site profile image  

7/17/13 7:42 PM by TEX4N


Wasa-B site profile image  

7/17/13 7:34 PM by Wasa-B

Not sure if he was the aggressor but the bottom line is that Weidman did not score another td (though it didnt really matter anyhow in the end either).

Ip Man 81 site profile image  

7/17/13 7:32 PM by Ip Man 81

Edgar would never be able to take BJ down and finish the fight.

BalloonBollicks site profile image  

7/17/13 7:30 PM by BalloonBollicks

Silva and Weidman = BJ and Edgar Silva is the GOAT but Weidman just has his number, if he gets Silva down he can just blatter away at his face merrily until the klaxon sounds, he chose to go for a leg, the fight would have been much shorter had he decided to keep flogging Silvas lips.

Ip Man 81 site profile image  

7/17/13 7:23 PM by Ip Man 81

I want a SN bet with this "faggot".I got SilvaYou get Weidman1 year

UGCTT_iPray2bLaidByWeidman site profile image  

7/17/13 7:23 PM by UGCTT_iPray2bLaidByWeidman

Finkel is Einhorn?

Swedgen site profile image  

7/17/13 7:17 PM by Swedgen

Way to compare the disparity between Weidman/Silva and Cain/JDS. If anything, in that scenario, Weidman is Cain. Cain takes the rematch and so does Weidman.   Cain, Weidman, Weidman, Cain.  Cain Cain Cain, Weidman Man Weid Weid Weid Man Cain. Got it?