Chuck Liddell: Playing it safe is the biggest problem in MMA


MMA has a number of problems, including use of PEDs, issues over compensation, and it is still illegal to fight professionally in New York state.

However, former UFC lightheavyweight champion and current UFC executive VP of business development Chuck Liddell recently appearanced on Inside MMA, and said the biggest problem in the sport is guys playing it safe.

Liddell used UFC welterweight Georges St-Pierre as an example. Although it could be attributed to an increased caliber of competition, but there was a marked change in GSP fight resutls before and after his KO loss to Matt Serra.

In the nine fights before the Serra loss, GSP had three wins by TKO, three wins by submission (and a loss by submission), and three submissions. In the eleven fights since the Serra loss, GSP has had two wins by TKO, one win by submission, and eight wins by decision, inlcuding the last six fights.

"I'm probably not going to be popular with the fighters with this one, but my biggest problem is guys playing it safe," said Liddell. "I understand it from a coach's standpoint and a manager's standpoint. I understand why you'd want to play it safe and win the fight, win every fight. I get it. But do I want to watch a guy go beat a guy for four rounds and then ride him the fifth round not doing anything?

"You want to be worth more? Go out and fight. Have fun. Knock people out. Submit them. Beat them. I don't care. Just go try to finish a fight."

"That's one of the reasons I retired. To stick around, the way I was fighting, I'd have to start playing it safe. I went out on my shield. That's the way I liked it. I fought that way my whole career. I don't want to bore people my last three or four fights."

What do you think is the biggest problem in MMA? And what do you think about fighters playing it safe?

Thanks to Yahoo for the transcription.


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Ip Man 81 site profile image  

7/23/13 2:27 PM by Ip Man 81

He didn't even stay on top long

Ip Man 81 site profile image  

7/23/13 2:26 PM by Ip Man 81


Derick site profile image  

7/23/13 1:21 AM by Derick


kikenyoy site profile image  

7/23/13 1:13 AM by kikenyoy

Good post. Voted up.

daba site profile image  

7/23/13 12:30 AM by daba

Yep. GSP was exciting and was able to benefit off his early success. If he fought how he fought now he'd be hated and not be the fighter of choice amongst noobs

daba site profile image  

7/23/13 12:27 AM by daba

GSP might have more money but he'll never have the same respect that other legends like Chuck, BJ, Fedor have because of how he fought. All of these fighters are successful but GSP will never be as respected.

Rickson's Aura site profile image  

7/22/13 11:56 PM by Rickson's Aura

The idea that a fighter should change their fighting style and risk losing is ridiculous. Yes GSP slaughtered guys like Sherk, Trigg, and Hughes....but none of those guys would probably be in the current top ten at WW. Chuck is a shill.....a high paid one who doesn't sound all there in interviews. There's no reason for a greater legend to take advice from a guy who was mostly chin and punching power. Chuck had a great career and ko'd guys but he was never skilled on his feet.

lookoutawhale site profile image  

7/22/13 9:34 PM by lookoutawhale

some guys dont want to end up punch drunk in later life i guess. They want to win without getting hurt.

Entreri site profile image  

7/22/13 9:30 PM by Entreri

Well said!Agree 100%.

Ip Man 81 site profile image  

7/22/13 7:58 PM by Ip Man 81

A lot of you are just spewing crappola out of your dirty little mouths. GSP is an exciting fighter turned boring.Chuck is right. You think GSP got popular off this boring ass jab and shoot style? No, he was exciting, got KTFO, didn't like it, not plays it safe after he was already popular. Had GSP had this same style his whole career he would not be this popular, and probably would be making less.