Mark Hunt knee on the mend


Following a war with JDS at UFC 160 in May, UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt suffered a staph infection in a hematoma on his knee, and has had multiple surgeries. The knee is finally starting to heal, as Hunt revealed via Twitter.

mark richard hunt @markhunt1974
Well there it is troops the wound is healing nicely the power of prayer won't be a leg model but can still fight lol

Hex Rei @hexrei
Was it really prayer or was it maybe skilled doctors, science, medicine, and taking care of yourself that healed it?

mark richard hunt @markhunt1974
it was your mother

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fishyfish site profile image  

7/24/13 1:07 PM by fishyfish

belief/faith = not knowing = agnostic = bringing an empty cup, to be filled, spiritually. atheism is the certainty or belief that there is nothing resembling a "higher power" than us humans.  maybe there is no higher power.  but feeling as though there might be, might be comforting. prayer has been proven by science to act in a synergy of different ways, from "positive mind" (psychology) to "putting intent out there."  IMO developing field theory will clarify this within the next 20 years or so. IMO religion has been so misused (as tribalism and population control) that its true meaning is lost. Genki Sudo understands the true meaning of religion, based on the etymology of the word : "we are all one" it is both an attitude toward all that is outside of oneself, and a comfort to be connected and belonging to everything within the great community of life.

diggity site profile image  

7/24/13 12:44 PM by diggity

Ok dude, you're right- anyone who believes differently is wrong and/or stupid. You win.

Dirtyu D site profile image  

7/24/13 12:33 PM by Dirtyu D


diggity site profile image  

7/24/13 7:47 AM by diggity

This exactly.

Size site profile image  

7/24/13 6:02 AM by Size

I'm as anti-religious as you can get, but I don't get the point of correcting every fighter that mentions religion with your nose in the air. I mean, when I first got into MMA, I'd think/say a lot of the same stuff, but at this many times have you idiots had the same exact conversation? You're more annoyingly zealous than most religious dupes. No one cares what you think.

HexRei site profile image  

7/23/13 8:22 PM by HexRei

Oh, the ironing.

fryingarmbar site profile image  

7/23/13 7:19 PM by fryingarmbar

Lemme help you out:

mrspeakershere site profile image  

7/23/13 7:04 PM by mrspeakershere

Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind. - Albert Einstein

diggity site profile image  

7/23/13 1:03 PM by diggity

I know a few people who have healed themselves thru proper nutrition and positive thinking.... I also know done brilliant, humble and effective doctors- true healers.... And then there are people like you...... Arrogant and small.