Longo: Rematch 'a bad night' for Anderson Silva


If there was anyone in the world we thought Chris Weidman could knock out Anderson Silva, it was Ray Longo. Longo has been Weidman's striking coach and was confident going into the bout and as confident going into the rematch:

“This guy had a highlight reel that would scare the crap out of anybody.  Now, knowing that he can knock this guy out – you’ve seen it in boxing a hundred times, guys don’t come back from that type of knockout.  On top of that, the guy is 40 or 39 or whatever he is.  I don’t see it,” Longo told MMAWeekly.com content partner Shameless Radio about the rematch.

Longo expects Weidman to have even more confidence heading into their second fight, now equipped with the knowledge of what to expect.

“I think Weidman is going to go in more confident than he was in the first fight.  He knows what to expect with all the mugging and all the antics. I think it is really going to be a bad night for Anderson Silva again,” he said.

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Kerouac site profile image  

7/28/13 5:56 PM by Kerouac

Maia's fault why? He was getting beat up for almost 3 rounds. He couldn't do anything, still moved forward nonetheless.It's Maia's fault that Anderson is a better fighter? lol

andyman011 site profile image  

7/28/13 12:48 PM by andyman011

Either way you look at it Maia was challenger for the belt. He should be the hungry aggressor. Silva didn't have to play the ground with maia he knew its a bad idea. Maia knew he wouldn't get Silva down because every time he got close there was a fist in his face.They both got stuck trying to play a game their opponent wanted none of. Thus that lackluster fight. Still maias fault not silvas

Glovegate site profile image  

7/27/13 11:24 AM by Glovegate

"I didnt lie at all in my opening statement, and your response was totally irrelevant." You claimed them basing their predictions for the second fight on the first made you feel bad for them.  This is undeniably a claim from you that you think the second will not be the same and that their prediction is probably wrong.  You 100% made a claim about the outcome of the fight and then went on to deny it outright. "Posting alot is called posting alot. Going and searching through posts from years ago to "prove" i say not nice things is an obsession." Everything you do is acceptable.  Everything other people do is obsessive, stupid, etc etc. LOL I'm loving this.  You are a serious source of humour right now.  It took me a few minutes.  You feverishly post here almost every single day and most of it is in defense of another man.  A man who doesn't even know you exist.  That's not only obsessive, it's pathetic.  And borderline homosexual. Not that there's anything wrong with that.  ;)   If Anderson loses the rematch I think I might end up with a hernia from laughing at your obnoxious behaviour after it.

Black Belt Wrestling site profile image  

7/26/13 5:39 PM by Black Belt Wrestling

I doubt that Weidman will drop for a leglock this time - instead the ground & pound will be alot more intense + patient. Weidman has every advantage in this rematch mentally. Quite frankly I don't know how much Silva really wants a part 2. I get that Silva is an amazing fighter and anything is possible. Weidman comes in as the champ this time around and he's going to be FAR more confident than the first fight. If anyone is going to be a bit gunshy it's Silva. I also think that Weidman is far more durable than people may realize and does have a damn good chin.

Kerouac site profile image  

7/26/13 5:19 PM by Kerouac

"Wiedman brought the fight. Maia did not."- You"You've never watched the Silva/Maia fight or you're so far up Silva's ass that you'll lie to prove your point.Go watch the fight...and see if Maia refused to fight/didn't bring the fight." - MeThat was my point of contention, not the possuming* or laying against the cage. You were wrong, tried to deflect from my point, didn't work.

UGCTT_iPray2bLaidByWeidman site profile image  

7/26/13 4:54 PM by UGCTT_iPray2bLaidByWeidman

I didnt lie at all in my opening statement, and your response was totally irrelevant. Posting alot is called posting alot. Going and searching through posts from years ago to "prove" i say not nice things is an obsession.

UGCTT_iPray2bLaidByWeidman site profile image  

7/26/13 4:52 PM by UGCTT_iPray2bLaidByWeidman

I still have the fight on my dvr. I watch rounds 1-3 for fun all the time. Anderson never backed up to the cage and let Maia tee off on him, and never pretended a punch from Maia wobbled him (possum). Give me the round and time he did those things vs Maia and i will gladly eat crow. Anderson failed against Wiedman by doing the fake stanky leg and then getting clipped.

Glovegate site profile image  

7/26/13 3:59 PM by Glovegate

Yes, I understood you lying about feeling bad for him and why you were saying it.  I responded by saying nobody should feel bad for him no matter what any one person thinks he's in for in the near future, he's the MW champion of the world and he KO'd the man who many believe is the p4p king of the sport.  If I did that I think I could die happy. You failed to understand this or you stretched like hell to make it seem like I missed your point. You were wrong about the first fight, you were wrong in your analysis after the fact and you're wrong to be smug about anything now. And it's hilarious being called obsessed by a guy who has made 21823 posts in 813 days.  You realize that's an average of 26.8 posts PER DAY, right? LMFAO.  XD

Kerouac site profile image  

7/26/13 2:57 PM by Kerouac

Friend, the first 2 and a half rounds, Silva was messing Maia up. Maia wasn't flopping, he got caught/rocked like 7 times. During those first 3 rounds, Silva was acting like he always does...like he did against Weidman. Stop denying or go watch the fight.

wrongaboutVitali site profile image  

7/26/13 2:50 PM by wrongaboutVitali

Because Maia never hit him clean.Weidman landed some decent shots standing and especially on the ground before the KO.How many times in boxing do you see a fighter get clipped and smile or taunt as if it didn't hurt? What does that usually mean?I won't speculate on the rematch, and I will admit that Silva clowned a lot, but I will say that Silva has always clowned. It's a part of how he fights, to bait people into his counter-punching style. Had he caught Weidman coming in we'd all be swinging off his nuts.He didn't though. He got caught. Doing the same Matrix-type stuff he's been deified for in the fights with Griffin, Bonnar, Franklin...