2008 men's US freestyle team perfect 29-0 in MMA


Mixed martial arts was born from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and was dominated by BJJ initially. Then wrestlers like Dan Severn and Mark Coleman started to win. Then, led first by Maurice Smith and later by Chute Boxe, strikers found their place in the pantheon. It is widely agreed that at present, while striking, submission, and wrestling skills are all crucial. the best base for MMA is wrestling, as it allows the wrestling based fighter to dictate where the fight takes place - center cage, on the fence, or on the ground.

A look at the UFC current champions confirms this, unequivocally.
Heavyweight • Cain Velasquez • Wrestling base
Light Heavyweight • Jon Jones • Wrestling base
Middleweight • Chris Weidman • Wrestling base
Welterweight • Georges St-Pierre • Best wrestling in MMA
Lightweight • Benson Henderson • Wrestling base
Featherweight • José Aldo • BJJ/Muay Thai base
Bantamweight • Dominick Cruz • Wrestling base
Bantamweight • Renan Barão • BJJ/Muay Thai base
Flyweight • Demetrious Johnson • Wrestling base
Bantamweight (Women) • Ronda Rousey • Judo base

Also remarkable is the record of the four members of the 2008 US Olympic Freestyle Wrestling Team that went on to compete in MMA. Complete team roster was:
121 lbs. Henry Cejudo
145.5 lbs. Doug Schwab
163 lbs. Ben Askren
185 lbs. Andy Hrovat
211.5 lbs. Daniel Cormier
264.5 lbs. Steve Mocco

Of the six members of the men's fs team, four went on to fight in MMA, and to date, not a single one has lost ever, compiling a perfect record of 29-0 in the sport:
Cejudo (4-0)
Askren (11-0)
Cormier (12-0)
Mocco (2-0)

Big thanks to UGer and funniest bastid in the sport Adam Hunter for the find.


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FCTV808 site profile image  

7/28/13 2:44 PM by FCTV808

imagine the finish rate if head butts were still allowed.   seriously.    11-0 (11 kos).   SERIOUSLY

bjjdna site profile image  

7/28/13 2:38 PM by bjjdna

I collect wrestling, mma, bjj memorabilia and saw it coming before it happened. I bought this - one of my favorite pieces.http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a315/bjjdna/WrestlingMuseumGrandReopening008.jpg

Arlovskis Chin site profile image  

7/28/13 10:46 AM by Arlovskis Chin

No it's the rule set and cage

Adam Hunter site profile image  

7/28/13 7:24 AM by Adam Hunter

That guy is gonna be a Monster.

ChipW site profile image  

7/26/13 6:08 PM by ChipW

I think the tide has turned back in favor of keeping it in the Olympics. Only time will tell though. The Olympic fiasco may be the best thing to happen to wrestling in a long while. It already got the management changed at FILA and the new rules are a lot like the old, old rules which is a good thing.

BobbyBoston site profile image  

7/26/13 4:47 PM by BobbyBoston

Wow and the Olympics want to get rid of this phenomenal original martial art!

ajl416az site profile image  

7/26/13 4:40 PM by ajl416az

Cejudo was at ACS a little bit to help Moraga get ready for Mighty Mousei didn't see much of his BJJ but he looks UFC-ready. likes to throw down on the feet, not scared of getting hit like some grapplers are

FlyingKnee_bar site profile image  

7/26/13 4:38 PM by FlyingKnee_bar

cant fuckin wait for burroughs to burst on the scene

ChipW site profile image  

7/25/13 10:09 AM by ChipW

VU for the OP, thanks for pointing out this statistic.   Contray to the popular opinion, i feel that most wrestlers fights are really entertaining so im glad to see them do so well. Im also baffled by the fact that Jiu-jitsu guys complain about "wrestle fucking".  From my very first jiu-jitsu class I was told that the objective is to clench, take down, gain dominant position, keep it and if possible finish the guy.   Nobody in MMA does that better than the wrestlers, specifically the wrestlers from the U.S.  And this latest batch is getting good at striking as well so its going to get even better in my opinion.     

Aaron Becker site profile image  

7/25/13 9:44 AM by Aaron Becker

just as I always suspected. Wrestling is my first love that's why I think it's funny when I go to a gym and all these guys come in thinking that they're badasses and have absolutely no experience but think they're gonna be good with a bjj classes