Mayhem Miller: MMA has been killed


"Mayhem" lives up to his nickname in the cage and out, and lives up to his reputation with the below post on The UnderGround, in which he declares that the Unified Rules and Dana White, among other causes, have killed mixed martial arts.

How long will this stay up?

From: MayheM
Member Since: 1/1/01
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Dana White has killed the sport that you and i love. The refusal to build stars. The reward for standing and wanging. THE UNIFIED RULES, have all killed the sport of mixed martial arts. I come to you humbly, as a student and teacher of the mixed martial arts. A man that has never tapped out, or been knocked out in mixed martial arts competition and ask that you do not support a corporate monarchy that favors a mark in the Win column, over showcasing the ART of MMA.

Obviously, it behooves those with an interest in gambling on Ultimate Fighting to know who will most likely win and most likely lose a UFC match, so the current structure will remain until YOU, the Fan demand that these forces stop controlling Mixed Martial Arts.

I am Mayhem Miller, so i am well aware of what it is like to live on the opposite end of the coorporate power structure, with a lifetime record of 52-8-1 and a UFC record of 0-3. The men in UFC were never stronger than men i fought around the World, just the circumstances in which i fought them were more Extreme.

As a fan. I urge you...

When the next Big Thing hits, jump aboard-because with PPV sales slipping since 2009, and the executives at Fox watching these boring fights, if you are still a Dana shill, you are polishing the brass on the Cubicle Captain's Titanic. Don't let him kill our sport. I love it too much.


The Mayhem Monkey

Jason Mayhem Miller

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neddac site profile image  

10/31/14 9:12 AM by neddac


StreetFightingKing site profile image  

10/31/14 8:58 AM by StreetFightingKing

OMG please stop

StreetFightingKing site profile image  

10/31/14 8:57 AM by StreetFightingKing

Haha awesome

sunnyko site profile image  

10/31/14 8:47 AM by sunnyko

You're a fucking idiot.... I guess this means if a fighter post her I need to automatically assume they lose their fights? I believe mayhem in his prime would wreck Diaz, I this Diaz is so fucking over rated it's sick!!! I really believe mayhem MIGHT win in his current stage of life, BECAUSE MAYHEM is actually good and not so fucking over rated! Holy shit another angry Diaz fan here to chime in!

Blunted Ninja site profile image  

10/31/14 12:44 AM by Blunted Ninja


IDOHARM site profile image  

10/31/14 12:34 AM by IDOHARM

Don't tell me where to cry, bro.

Blunted Ninja site profile image  

10/31/14 12:31 AM by Blunted Ninja

No bitch in me dude. I just think its funny. You should direct that gif at others on this site

someonestolemysocks site profile image  

10/31/14 12:29 AM by someonestolemysocks

I legit laughed out loud at "beat diazs ass" Current Mayhem would get DESTROYED by Nick or nate. Stop dick riding fighters simply because they post here.

Blunted Ninja site profile image  

10/30/14 11:55 PM by Blunted Ninja

The fighter bashing is rampant here but no deleting of post. Guess it just depends on who you are. I can't believe I paid for this app.