Jorge Mayorga vs. Rene 'Level' Martinez full video


Former WBA/WBC Welterweight and WBC light middleweight champion Ricardo Mayorga got DQed his first time in the cage, and fared little better on July 27th, vs. 5-0-1 pro MMA fighter and Kimbo Slice backyard fights veteran Rene ‘Level’ Martinez.

At bottom Level levels a karate man.

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Kanabull site profile image  

7/29/13 10:58 PM by Kanabull

I guess the word freak show has lost it's meaning since the MMA community became completely retarded.Have we forgotten Pride putting a 170lber against a 600lb sumo wrestler?That's a freakshow. This is just two low level MMA fighters.

KingofBJJ site profile image  

7/29/13 9:36 PM by KingofBJJ

Typical UG writing, they write as if they are drunk guys talking in a bar, as if the average person knows who they are talking about.  From the way that is written, I don't know who the heck is Martinez or Mayorga or who the hell the guy is knocked that the MA guy silly? If I have to go research the names and backgrounds, what good are you doing to inform us?

PrettyBoy site profile image  

7/29/13 8:36 PM by PrettyBoy

Out on his feet... That shit was waved off and he was rescued and found a chair by security.

buddie site profile image  

7/29/13 8:22 PM by buddie

I really wish the boxer vs MMA stuff would stop already. Its 2013. Any serious fighter competing in MMA is going to cross train. Boxing is an important piece of that puzzle, but its only a piece. You have to have a complete toolbox in modern MMA. If a guy isn't cross training it means he's not serious about the sport and he's only showing up for a paycheck. Which is what guys who can't get paid in boxing see sometimes. A chance to make some money.

Another Foob site profile image  

7/29/13 1:59 PM by Another Foob

That was a heckuva headlock. Clearly Mayorga has spent a lot of time on his ground work.

AlexanderTheGOAT site profile image  

7/29/13 1:14 PM by AlexanderTheGOAT

LMAO and the guys he's fighting are super stars?? Freak show all around.

AristidesBrito site profile image  

7/29/13 1:14 PM by AristidesBrito


TheDecider site profile image  

7/29/13 1:04 PM by TheDecider

Lol at Mayorga's guillotine. If level had more presence on the ground he would have ended things faster via Von Flue choke. Mayorga couldn't have set him up any better.

playing Herb Deans game site profile image  

7/29/13 12:45 PM by playing Herb Deans game

He didnt ko din. He only chopped him.