ABC to introduce rule change to end explotation of three point stance


The concept of what constitutes a downed fighter could change following this week's meeting of the Association of Boxing Commissions, which oversees MMA's regulatory bodies.

Commission representatives Nick Lembo (New Jersey), Bernie Profato (Ohio) and Keith Kizer (Nevada), who represent some of MMA's busiest and most prominent regulatory bodies, will present their plan at Wednesday's ABC meeting in San Antonio.

Lembo will argue their case, in which the regulators want referees to instruct fighters that placing a finger tip on the canvas won't necessarily make them a downed fighter.In recent years, many standing fighters have taken advantage of the current language used in the Unified Rules of MMA. That helps them avoid knees or kicks to the head, or possibly put their opponent in danger of a warning or point deduction. The commissions hope to eliminate such gaming of the system.

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Periodik site profile image  

7/31/13 1:33 PM by Periodik

I think it defeats the purpose of a fight when you set a limit on the amount of strikes someone can throw from a position. They did it in K1; only 1 strike from clinch then removed the clinch altogether, only allowing 1 hand on the back of the neck. Make it nice and simple, either allow all strikes from any position or make it so once a fighter is on ALL fours they can't be kicked/knee to the head. Also I disagree with the 12-6 only standing. I don't think anyone is intentionally targeting the eye socket with the 12-6 elbow from top position. Jon Jones definitely was not when he broke Vera's orbital with a legal elbow. GSP definitely was not when he broke Koscheck's with Jabs. 12-6 elbow has as much chance of hitting an opponent's eye socket as any other arm blow, and is not more powerful or more dangerous then the others, so make it legal in all areas.

MrNiceguy66 site profile image  

7/31/13 2:15 AM by MrNiceguy66


BshMstr site profile image  

7/30/13 9:21 AM by BshMstr

i agree...

BshMstr site profile image  

7/30/13 9:18 AM by BshMstr


UGCTT_iPray2bLaidByWeidman site profile image  

7/30/13 9:16 AM by UGCTT_iPray2bLaidByWeidman

Allow all knees. Soccer kicks are too brutal and doubtful they become legal. Howvere UPKICKS should be allowed. Any strike off your back really.

Ninja Tea Party site profile image  

7/30/13 8:17 AM by Ninja Tea Party

I agree with those saying it's better to just allow knees/head kicks on fighters unless they are laying flat. No stomps.

Bucephalus site profile image  

7/30/13 6:57 AM by Bucephalus

Bring back kicks at all levels. A whole generation is used to these idiotic watered down rules.

Loadin76 site profile image  

7/30/13 4:11 AM by Loadin76

Mr. Ellenberger?

Chiron site profile image  

7/30/13 2:14 AM by Chiron

How about changing the rules so guys can't stall or tap their way to decisions when they really didn't do anything of significance. Let's not pretend someone won when nothing was really done. Make fighters fight to end their opponent and only be rewarded for skills and strategies that do so, not be able alienate a faulty ruleset and spit on the spirit of MMA. Change the rules to encourage fighters to finish - the only true form of victory in a fight - so that even when a fight goes to a decision it had to be a good fight with the right intentions (in which case, going to a decision is ok).Oh ya, institute knees to downed opponents, upkicks to an opponent anywhere, and heel strikes from the guard again too.

attjack site profile image  

7/29/13 10:11 PM by attjack

Just allow knees to grounded fighters!