GSP: Silva still the #1pound for pound


The argument for best pound for pound fighter will always be subjective as it's impossible to really know who's a better fighter overall choosing between a heavyweight and bantamweight for example. And what criteria deterime the best pound for pound can be subjective. Is it consecutive wins, wins against quality opposition, wins in title fights, etc? Despite losing to Chris Weidman, Georges St-Pierre believes the title still belongs to long time middleweight champion Anderson Silva:

“I still believe Anderson Silva is the best in the world pound-for-pound. It’s a mistake he made. He got beat by Chris Weidman,” said St-Pierre. “I believe it was a style match-up and he got caught. I believe he’s the best in the world. Even the best can lose sometimes. When I saw that fight, you know, of course Chris Weidman is my friend and training partner, I was cheering for him and I thought he was going to win because the style match-up and he was very well prepared. But it made me realize when I was watching that fight that even the best can lose sometimes.”

“It made me realize that what I got, I’m the world champion now – it can go away in the blink of an eye,” St-Pierre continued. “If I don’t pay attention, one punch, one submission, one mistake, and it can change the whole thing. It made me realize that I need to work very hard to maintain what I have. It gave me that motivation. It kind of woke me up a little bit.”

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Ironhouse site profile image  

7/30/13 12:14 PM by Ironhouse

Im pretty sure he just said he will worry more in fights, which probably means be more cautious, which probably = jab jab double, jab jab double - repeat

tito fett site profile image  

7/30/13 1:43 AM by tito fett

When Hendricks gasses, GSP better go apeshit on his ass.

Mexican Janitor site profile image  

7/30/13 1:35 AM by Mexican Janitor

Geoeges, win/loose/draw you're still my boy. But for the love of fuck, go ape shit on Hendricks.

CRMartin11 site profile image  

7/30/13 1:00 AM by CRMartin11

GSP never was #1 and probably never will be./thread

The_Spider site profile image  

7/30/13 12:59 AM by The_Spider

Props to GSP for a unique POV. There are ways to be more cautious, perhaps shadow jabbing like Matt riddle. But in all seriousness,Silva: Let me show you how to have fun my Canadian friend. *demonstrates goofing off in the cage*Hendricks: You're going down GSP!GSP: You are more right than you know... *does continuous windmills on the floor*Hendricks: Teh fuq? Get up!GSP: Sure thing. *does backflips nonstop, anderson is going wild in his corner*Hendricks raises his hands, bum rushes him, but tastes the foot of a GSP backflip kick, out cold. Anderson jumps in to congratulate, and the two keep dancing.THE END

MMALOGIC site profile image  

7/30/13 12:44 AM by MMALOGIC

lol... that's what i got from it.  GSP changed after losing to Serra... It sounds like the Anderson loss has been almost as traumatic for GSP.

hogh20 site profile image  

7/30/13 12:15 AM by hogh20

I agree with the part about Silva winning the rematch. I don't think it will be close. If Weidman is unable to get the takedown, he will lose in devastating fashion. If he gets the takedown however, it could go like the first round or better for Weidman. Silva won't be messing around the next go around though and that should be a scary thought for Weidman.

OregonChaelClosedDueToBandWagonCrash site profile image  

7/30/13 12:01 AM by OregonChaelClosedDueToBandWagonCrash

So hes going to be even more cautious now?

D241 site profile image  

7/29/13 11:56 PM by D241

He still doesn't want any part of Anderson. I don't blame him.  Anderson wins the rematch in less than 2 full rounds.