GSP: MacDonald put on a great fight


Georges St-Pierre concedes that Rory MacDonald is a friend, but says that the criticism of 'Ares' following his fight with Jake Ellenberger is unwarranted.

"I believe it was a great fight," St-Pierre said at the UFC World Tour 2013's Monday stop in Las Vegas. "I texted Rory and said it was a great fight. He stuffed a very, very dangerous opponent in Jake Ellenberger. A lot of people give him criticism, but the truth is – and it's not only because Rory is my friend and training partner – the truth is we all knew by watching the fight Rory was winning that fight.

"He was doing well. He was beating Jake Ellenberger. It was up to Jake to take a risk to change the momentum of that fight. If you're winning the fight, if you're doing well and winning, it is up to your opponent to change the momentum and to capitalize. Everyone knew he was losing the fight."

"For someone that knows fighting, I believe it was a great fight. On the other side, for Jake, I don't believe it was a great fight for Jake. I believe Jake should have done something to try to change the momentum. he did at the end, but it was too late.

"I think Rory did a great fight. You don't brawl with a brawler, and I think he did a very good fight, very smart. He shut down Jake Ellenberger. Not only did he shut down a very, very dangerous opponent, he made it look relatively easy."

"I don't care what people say. That's what I believe."

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RockMeAmadeus site profile image  

7/30/13 7:00 PM by RockMeAmadeus

GSP says that Rory put on a great fight??? lolWhat do you expect from "Safe" Pierre who hasn't finished anyone for 5 years now?Typical.

Kerouac site profile image  

7/30/13 6:26 PM by Kerouac

I never said that GSP is exciting. He is efficient though. Were KOS, Shields, Diaz, Penn, Hughes, Hardy, Alves, Sherk exciting when they fought GSP?lol

Mr Makaveli site profile image  

7/30/13 5:04 PM by Mr Makaveli

Hmmm that picture of George is strange, satanic symbolism. Seriously.

Mexican Janitor site profile image  

7/30/13 4:28 PM by Mexican Janitor

Didn't expect any less of a reply. People don't think GSP is exciting. So be it...not everyone is going to be a fan. Get the fuck over it

Kerouac site profile image  

7/30/13 4:06 PM by Kerouac

You took that as a slight? You're the one that has issues...I was trying to be funny, oh well. Get over it.

Mexican Janitor site profile image  

7/30/13 3:51 PM by Mexican Janitor

Dude, I'm a big GSP fan; but you have some issues on this one. Not everyone is going to agree with you....get over it

kevsh site profile image  

7/30/13 12:22 PM by kevsh

The double standard of the UG is delicious. Rory has had nothing but incredible fights until now and yet the lynch mob emerges the first time he stumbles. Sounds to me like many of you were just waiting for this as an excuse to rip the guy. Now honestly, would the Rory haters among you say the same thing if say Hendo, Shogun or Nick Diaz for example fought a "safe" fight?

BshMstr site profile image  

7/30/13 12:05 PM by BshMstr

well, you're kind of the context of the MacDonald-Ellenberger fight, Rory used the jab effectively (obviously). but when he landed it, Jake moved back... if Rory pursued, this would have set up Jake's counter or takedown. Rory really didn't have many opportunities (IMO) to land many combinations, due to Ellenberger's movement..i thought it was a convincing win by Rory, and unfortunately, Ellenberger didn't do a whole lot...with that being said, i really expected a more dynamic attack from Rory.... the overall striking attack he showed vs BJ was awesome, and he really appeared to be significantly bigger than Ellenberger.i think that one of the problems with fighters "playing it safe" is that is still better to get a boring win than an exciting loss. Besides Dan Hardy, who really has stuck around with a lot of losses? and who can predict who will, based off Dana's whim?!

Darth Ryase site profile image  

7/30/13 11:26 AM by Darth Ryase

  This isn't the first time you've used "nuthugger," "spits," and "ashamed" in the same sentence.  

Kerouac site profile image  

7/30/13 11:21 AM by Kerouac

Look at Ellenberger's performance as an example of " much lamer than that ".Did you blame AS for the way Thales was fighting? Makowski's fault that Serra was in buttscooting heaven?You hate Rory because you hate GSP. Nothing more, nothing less.