Hendricks: My goal is to break someone's jaw


Going into his world title fight with Georges St-Pierre, Johny Hendricks won't be satisfied with just a win, he wants to make a statement versus the most dominant welterweight champion of all-time:

While St-Pierre's jab is an incredible weapon, as well, Hendricks thinks it will pale in comparison to his power punches.

"I will bite on my mouthpiece and eat a jab to land a right or a left hand on his jaw line," Hendricks said. "That's the difference. Punch me in the face, I'll punch you twice as hard.

"When I'm in there, my goal is to break someone's jaw. Let them forget who they are that night. Let them wake up the next morning and go, 'What the hell happened?' That's my goal every fight."

Like Weidman, who shocked the world with his knockout win over Silva, Hendricks believes his attitude will prove another strength. He respects St-Pierre, a man who is certain to be a UFC Hall of Famer and may very well be the greatest welterweight of all time. But "Bigg Rigg" has no fear of the French-Canadian champ.

"Give 'em respect because they have the belt, but he's just a person," Hendricks said of St-Pierre. "I can beat anybody at any given time, and that's sort of the mentality that you've got to have when you're facing somebody with the belt.

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Entreri site profile image  

7/30/13 10:47 PM by Entreri

Skill wise, Rory and Condit will give GSP all he can handle.However, Hendricks is the most lethal threat, that 1 hit KO can take out anyone and GSP fights for 5 rounds. Personally, I thought Condit squeezed out a win against Hendricks and in a 5 rounder, Condit wins.

RockMeAmadeus site profile image  

7/30/13 6:50 PM by RockMeAmadeus

What is your goal in the octagon?Hendricks: "My goal is to break someone's jaw"GSP: "My goal is to layNpray or standNjab to a decision"Are we clear now?

lockon site profile image  

7/30/13 6:26 PM by lockon

Ah, you're a troll. Got it.

Kim Jong Uno site profile image  

7/30/13 4:58 PM by Kim Jong Uno

I wish to see Hendricks receive brutal physical punishment

tbi0904 site profile image  

7/30/13 4:29 PM by tbi0904

Do you really think Hendricks wants to seriously hurt his opponents? Do you find it just as cunty when fighters talk about "fighting to the death?" "Making it a war?" It's the same thing. Hendricks was speaking to his mentality as a fighter, destroying whoever is in front of him. It's more bravado than anything else. As far as your football analogy goes it's just false. Go listen to Warren Sapp or Dick Butkus or Ronnie Lott interviews. They hit with the clear intent to injure and never shied away from it.

8flat site profile image  

7/30/13 3:39 PM by 8flat

HAHAHA....I was thinking the exact same thing! Need a short gif of Kos giving a WTF? sorta look to put with it..lol

Bipolar site profile image  

7/30/13 3:10 PM by Bipolar

Really? Because I disagree with you? Sorry, but I happen to prefer thinking for myself, rather than offer up timid, socially created beta posts. No doubt your anger over my criticism is rooted in your own insecurities and inability to stand up as an independent man with his own opinion. What you are really mad about is your lack of courage to break away from the arbitrary rules and social pressures that you allow to rob you of you independence and dignity, i.e., your very manhood. Unlike me, you fear heavy weight of being a free, independent and responsible human being. Take hold of your destiny, my friend. Look Fate in the eye and announce that his tyranny over you has come to an end.

Bipolar site profile image  

7/30/13 2:56 PM by Bipolar

I really couldn't say, since that incoherent jumble of words that I can only assume is supposed to be a valid argument, amounts to no more than meaningless noise. If you somehow believe that Hendricks' success fighting has any logical connection with my success in my chosen vocation, perhaps a brain scan is in order for you. Head movement. More head movement.

Lite site profile image  

7/30/13 2:44 PM by Lite

The two things that make this fight interesting are that Hendricks is a southpaw and that, despite his talk, he'll be smart about his gameplan and go in intending to outwrestle GSP.But we'll see. My money is still on GSP.

UK Asylum site profile image  

7/30/13 2:29 PM by UK Asylum

Exactly.Ronda says she wants to break someones arm = shes the bestHendricks wants to break their jaw = Hes a thug The whole point of fighting is to stop your opponent, wether that be be KO, broken arm or broken face.