Moroccan immigrant in France uses BJJ to thwart armed attack at cinema


European BJJ site translated a report from France about a potential armed attack at a movie theater that was thwarted by a BJJ player.

Moroccan immigrant Fouad Ben Ahmed was preparing to watch the movie “Man of Steel” with his two children in a cinema on Wednesday night at 9:40 pm. A man then entered the cinema, armed with a shotgun.

“He first threatened the cashier before heading towards the clients lining up to buy tickets inside the cinema” said Fouad.

The 37-year-old  related that he was “very afraid for his children.” However, he decided to follow the man quietly before controlling him and subduing him using jiu-jitsu technique. 

“I was lining up with my kids to buy our tickets for the ‘Man of Steel' movie," said Fouad. "I then saw a man walking towards the cashier with a shotgun. It was obvious that he wasn’t a police officer. The cashier immediately called for help. As the man was walking towards the other patrons with his gun, I told my children to relax and that I would be back.

"As the man approached us, I hid behind him and followed him for ten meters (30+ feet) as he was walking. When I felt ready I applied a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu choke hold on him from the back and put him to sleep, and then put him to the ground and controlled him there. The security and police then came and arrested the man.

"I had to do something as my children and other children were there. We always hear of these massacres with shootouts in public place. We actually went and watched the movie after all that.”

Read entire article... (original French)


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Doc T site profile image  

7/31/13 11:35 AM by Doc T

This is really fucking cool. The man is serious hero.

Mojo514 site profile image  

7/31/13 11:27 AM by Mojo514

anybody sayin how easy it is or wtv in reality would b on the floor playin dead or cryin, nobody can talk shit about this guy, he stopped a dude with a shotgun, nuff said

Ninja Tea Party site profile image  

7/31/13 5:16 AM by Ninja Tea Party

There's only one way to settle this. Let's all go back to our respective gyms, drill choking someone with a pretend shotgun, then come back here and report.

Elias Cepeda site profile image  

7/30/13 1:11 PM by Elias Cepeda

I'm sure he didn't feel "comfortable," he just tried to do what he could in order to try and protect his kids. It would be pretty gutsy for someone to fire a shotgun behind them an inch or two away from their own head and ear, btw. Who the fuck is going to fire a shotgun on their own ear?

The Engineer site profile image  

7/30/13 11:59 AM by The Engineer

If the guy had a long gun like this yea, much harder to quickly manipulate to use on a person latched on to your back. If he had a hand gun, FUCK NO, get behind him and hit him with the heaviest thing you can swing.

joshavard site profile image  

7/30/13 9:39 AM by joshavard

Guaranteed you two shit your pants and hide behind the nearest grandma. Give the dude credit, his doing what you talk about a forum. VU for share OP.

Poptarts site profile image  

7/30/13 8:48 AM by Poptarts

If he stays composed and knows not to drop the guy...You're fucking dead. A shotgun is a rather large gun, so much easier to disarm. In reality take from him and beat him with it.

Donoghue88 site profile image  

7/30/13 8:39 AM by Donoghue88

I would be comfortable choking someone with a shotgun.The first reaction when feeling someones hand slip under your chin is to grab the hand. He'll know within a few seconds that hes in big trouble, that leaves him about 5 seconds for him shoot you.He has to grab his gun with both hands and aim at you while your behind him mirroring his body. The whole time he can't even think because his consciousness is failing.

Ninja Tea Party site profile image  

7/30/13 8:01 AM by Ninja Tea Party

Would any of you guys be comfortable choking someone who had a shotgun? I'm a lowly blue belt so I guess my repertoire of chokes is pretty limited, but I can't think of a choke I'd slap on him that wouldn't have me worried he'd blow my head off or someone else's whilst we struggled. I guess if he trapped his arms with his legs? I need to see how this went down, because it sounds like he got lucky there.

SonOfThePeepHole site profile image  

7/30/13 1:01 AM by SonOfThePeepHole

I read this as bj penn