Anderson Silva: 'I was out of control'


Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva recently appeared on the Brazilian talk show Agora É Tarde, hosted by Danilo Gentili, and discussed in detail the loss to Chris Weidman, and subsequent events.

The text below comes courtesy of MMA Station, which translated the interview to Enlish, and uploaded it with subtitles.

Silva discussed the KO in the Octagon immediately after the fight, and numerous times since, so Gentili asked what was worse, being KOed or being asked the same questions so many times?

“There will always be questions." replied a relaxed and good natured Silva. "Fans, people, they want to know what happened. But being knocked out is worse because you can’t remember. There is just a black out. And then when you wake up, you’re like: ‘Uh? What happened? The fight is over?’ And the ref says: ‘Yeah, it’s over and you lost.’ But how? Then the ref says: ‘Yeah, you’re knocked out.’ BUT HOW? The ref then answers: ‘You took a big shot and fell to the mat.’”

A video has gone viral in Brazil, and worldwide, of a young, disconsolate Brazilian fan crying about the loss.

Silva reached out to the fan, tweeting this image.

"I’ve texted him and some other fans who called me," Silva explained to the host. "Unfortunately, it was a mistake and I paid a high price for it. It was a technical mistake, but it shouldn’t have happened…but happened. The truth is…the charge that people put on me due to my previous performances was tremendous. So…in this way when you make a mistake people just don’t understand. It was an unintentional thing. I’ve never said that I was the best in the world or that I was unbeatable.”

Silva then went on the describe technically what went wrong. While his reply is not as memorable as that of Jack Roper who upon waking up from a meeting with Joe Louis said "I zigged when I should have zagged," Silva related what went wrong, technically and mentally.

“I stood with my legs parallel when I had to do a step back instead to dodge the punch that KO’d me. Anyways, it was a sequence of events that led me to what happened. All the pre-fight tension and that feeling that makes you want to explode during the fight…During the round breaks, I always go back to my corner. But this time, I didn’t come back to my cornermen.

"I came back to argue with Weidman, asking him to keep the fight on the feet, saying, ‘let’s strike, let’s give a good show,’ when actually I needed to come back to my corner, to get some instructions. I shouldn’t have been there, discussing with Weidman. I should have calmed down to receive the instructions in order to do the right things in the second round. And I didn’t do that. So I think I was out of control, lost my temper a little bit.” 

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subwrassler site profile image  

8/9/13 5:51 PM by subwrassler

he's a kid guys..damn.i cried when I was 9 yrs old when Ali lost to Spinks...dammit.

Immaculata site profile image  

8/9/13 5:35 PM by Immaculata


chaplinshouse site profile image  

8/9/13 3:28 PM by chaplinshouse

so that's what lay n pray ninja looks like

KingofBJJ site profile image  

8/8/13 6:46 PM by KingofBJJ

Nah. Silva has a history of being taken down and usually doesn't pay for it.  He is a Black Belt in BJJ after all.  Secondly, Weidman couldn't get him down anytime after that, much like Sonnen couldn't in their second fight.  I would count on lightning striking twice in the same place before betting on Weidman to win again. To be fair, if someone how hell freezes over and Weidman is able to finish or clearly dominate a non-clowning around Silva for five rounds, then I will be the first one to call Weidman the real deal.  He would, in fact be the new "Protoge'". Mark my words for December 28th.

Phillysliced site profile image  

8/8/13 6:45 PM by Phillysliced

Wiedman took advantage of AS clowning around and got the knockout, if Anderson takes the next match seriously he will get the win with ease and if anyone else thinks differently your only kidding yourself

slamming site profile image  

8/8/13 6:36 PM by slamming

Exactly, the Weidman fight was him at his most cocky. He got away with it against slower guys but not someone as good as Weidman. Rematch is going to see a different Silva. That's for sure.

The Last Emperor site profile image  

8/8/13 6:24 PM by The Last Emperor

Better doesn't always mean more effective. Weidman is the only guy to knock out both Anderson and Urijah Hall. I think that speaks volumes on how effective his striking is.

Madrugadao site profile image  

8/8/13 12:52 PM by Madrugadao

He seemed pissed about something.Personally I think he wants 'big fights'. He knows his career is coming to an end and I guess he is tired of defending his belt against the next challenger and wants some fights that really capture his imagination.I don't think he wants to fight Roy because he is so sure he can win, he wants to test himself against special fighters and he just does not see Weidman as that.

kevsh site profile image  

8/8/13 12:32 PM by kevsh

I agree with this but what I still don't get is why he thought he could get away with it against Weidman? Sure Chris is no Vitor, Hendo or Franklin on his feet but the way Silva goaded him was like he was facing a child. Anderson does his homework, he saw the Munoz fight, he must have known that Weidman has some weapons and presented at least some danger? Maybe it's true that Anderson was looking for a way out. I'd never suggest he threw the fight, perhap he just gave his opponent a few too many gift-wrapped opportunities to end it.

FatAttack513 site profile image  

8/8/13 12:23 PM by FatAttack513

I think the reason he was out of control is what happened in the first round. I think he didn't respect Weidman enough. He wasn't expecting to be taken down that quickly or get pounded on by Chris, and I'm sure that sub attempt didn't help either. I think that's what caused him to start talking shit about keeping the fight standing and giving the fans a good show. He knew Chris was a lot better on the ground than he thought he was. That being said I don't think Silvia will be farting around in the next fight. He will be coming out to smash Weidman. I don't know how Weidman is going to do in the next fight but I can't wait. Hope Weidman beats him again.