Munoz: Bisping has 'pillow fists'; I have hammers


As he always does, Michael Bisping has already started a war of words in the media with his next opponent Mark Munoz. Munoz of course is happy to engage in some pre-fight shit talk of his own:

"Bisping has already been talking, I know. I was at my camp doing 10 days of an intensive wrestling camp with a bunch of wrestlers, over 300 of them. My phone was just blowing up. People were texting me and tweeting me all this stuff about Bisping talking a lot of smack about me. But that stuff doesn't bother me. I show my talk inside the Octagon. He was saying he was going to beat me into depression and if I was depressed, I'd go into more depression. The fact of the matter is, he has pillows for fists. He hasn't knocked anybody out and he says he's gonna knock me out? He hasn't knocked anybody out. It's going to be like a pillow fight when I fight him. He's going to have pillows and I'm going to have hammers."

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ausgepicht site profile image  

8/12/13 2:12 AM by ausgepicht

Pretty dishonest statement you just made. There is a WORLD of a difference between a TKO and a KO and you know it. Bisping basically gets his TKOs by 50-60 unanswered punches that force a referee to stop it and that is what Muñoz is referencing. To the people saying Bisping has footwork. LMAO!! Was that what he displayed when he was circling into Hendo's right  hand in spite of his corner constantly telling him not too? Muñoz is going to finish UFC's overrated cash cow.

MDubz site profile image  

8/12/13 1:54 AM by MDubz

Bisping is good at point striking and getting out of danger with his good foot movement but let's be honest, if Munoz gets ahold of him it's lights out for the Count.

Brabatross site profile image  

8/12/13 1:03 AM by Brabatross

Bisping by TKO

BshMstr site profile image  

8/12/13 12:14 AM by BshMstr

really?you can claim that a TKO isn't a "real" finish, but he's had some very decisive stoppages.hate on him if you want, but he's been pretty successful, and if Mark thinks he can take his punches all day long, might be in for a long night...

Jesus Quintana site profile image  

8/11/13 9:21 PM by Jesus Quintana

chalk up another victory for the people's count

quick site profile image  

8/11/13 9:05 PM by quick

I hate would hate to be on the receiving end of some Munoz G&P. Bisping had better bring his A game to this fight.

DarkHelmet site profile image  

8/11/13 7:16 PM by DarkHelmet

Bisping by UD or TKO by featherdusters

DoomFarmer site profile image  

8/11/13 3:15 PM by DoomFarmer

He wasn't knocked down but he was in trouble from a jab from a guy with sub-par standup.Anyone with more competence on the feet would have finished the job.I get disliking Bisping and wanting to see him lose but he is the favorite in this fight for good reason...and some point you have to put your personal beefs with a fighter aside and be honest about it.

DoomFarmer site profile image  

8/11/13 3:10 PM by DoomFarmer

Just watch.