UFC & NHL enforcer team up to fight Parkinsons Wed 6-10 pm



6' 2" 217 pound Boston Bruins enforcer Shawn Thornton is one of the best fighters in the NHL. And then he started supplementing his 15 plus years of boxing by learning Jiu-Jitsu at Kenny Florian's gym.

"Maybe the average fan doesn't think we do, but yeah, you've got to actually learn how to throw a punch if you're going to scrap in the NHL," said Thornton.

Naturally enough, Thornton is a mixed martial arts fan.

"UFC's kind of our get together night," Thornton said. "After the Stanley Cup we wanted to get the guys together in private and just hang out, so everyone came over to my place to watch the fights and have a few beers. Even the guys who aren't big fans were still glued to the fights."

While Thorton is a ferocious competitor, in his spare time he directs the Shawn Thornton Foundation, which raises awareness, funds innovative research, and helps to relieve the burden and improve the quality of life for patients striken with Parkinsons and cancer.

Wednesday night in Boston, Thornton, UFC president Dana White, and UFC Hall of Famer Forrest Griffin will host a "UFC Homecoming fundraiser for the charity at Barrio Cantina in Boston from 6-10 pm.

"It's such a terrible, terrible disease," said Thornton of Parkinsons. "My grandmother fought it as well as she could, but it was just so bad watching what she went through. I had to do something about it. These guys from the UFC, they don't really get enough credit for how much charitable work they do. They've got a busy week and they're making the time to come out and do it. It's going to be a fun night."

For more information, please check out ufchomecoming.eventbrite.com.

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dogfb site profile image  

8/12/13 11:18 PM by dogfb

lmao... voted up. 

PR site profile image  

8/12/13 11:04 PM by PR

I think the toughness of those sports is what makes these guys more level-headed and approachable. Both sports you can easily have one freak injury or have an opponent cheap shot you and your career could be done. Because of that there's a need for a healthy respect for your opponents.

Theory of Everything site profile image  

8/12/13 9:53 PM by Theory of Everything

It's part of the hockey culture. This stuff is ingrained in these guys. When Burkie was in Toronto, he said they'll do community work or get shipped out to another team.

RentedMule site profile image  

8/12/13 9:23 PM by RentedMule

NHL players may be the only professional athletes more level-headed and approachable than MMA fighters. Funny considering they're two of the toughest sports to compete in, especially at such a high level.From a Penguins fan, good on Thornton.

choadler site profile image  

8/12/13 8:42 PM by choadler

Not the best fighter? Ok, best might be a reach but he cleanly wins 90% of his scraps. People are scared shitless of him on the ice.

minotauro11 site profile image  

8/12/13 6:40 PM by minotauro11

I like Shawn Thornton a lot. I'm not from Boston but I am a Bruins fan (but I'm a Blues fan first) so I'm excited to hear about Thornton training jiujitsu with Florian and being a fellow mma fan.

choadler site profile image  

8/12/13 5:32 PM by choadler

Thornton is awesome. He did a lot for a 501c3 charity we have for pediatric cancer. By all accounts, hes a great guy. Good to hear of this event. Will tryto go.

Mexican Janitor site profile image  

8/12/13 4:16 PM by Mexican Janitor

I owe you a vote up

da Vinci 81 site profile image  

8/12/13 3:07 PM by da Vinci 81

LOL, wut??

da Vinci 81 site profile image  

8/12/13 3:06 PM by da Vinci 81