Chandler: Alvarez will need a baseball bat


 With yesterday's news that Eddie Alvarez had finally reached an agreement with Bellator to return to action, champion Michael Chandler couldn't be happier to learn he'll fight Alvarez on PPV. Chandler defeated Alvarez the first time they met in an action packed fight and is super confident heading into the rematch:

"I absolutely think [I hold the striking advantage]" Chandler said. "I think Alvarez threw every single thing he had at me (in the first fight), so I think he's got that in the back of his mind. He's going to need to bring a baseball bat into that cage to get me on the ground. That's the confidence that I have.

"The speed of my hands has gotten faster. I think the power of my hands has gotten harder, has increased, and it's just the confidence that I bring into the cage. ... I'm not going to say that I hold the advantage anywhere, but I think I am the better fighter now, two years later especially."

Beaming with confidence, Chandler is aware of the pitfalls and possibility of being lulled into another back-and-forth battle against Alvarez, but ultimately a short day of work is a successful day of work, and if the fight lasts a mere 44 seconds like Chandler's most recent outing, he has absolutely no problem with that.

"I think you're going to see two even better fighters than what stepped in the cage in 2011, so it's going to be pretty exciting," he said. "There's going to be a possibility for another knockdown, drag-out (fight). But in my mind, I've gotten so much better, my goal is as every single fight: Go out there and get a quick finish."

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ECC170 site profile image  

8/14/13 4:29 PM by ECC170

MC is the best 55er on the planet and mite not be able 2 prove it... I love Bellator and appreciate the coverage it brings a true student of the game...But hes a etremely big SHARK in a small pond....Bibiano is the only guy even within weightclass MC could fight that mite be any bearing on his resumee then again BF is a 45er so thats the dwnside... I wonder is MC could make 45 cuz that only interesting way h he could line up fights with Patricio and Curran and be then what be a 2 Div champ then what? Shit by then he could fight his way thru his contract thats right fight his way thru his crazy if he racks up 8 wins in 3yrs be coming into his 2nd prime (early 30s) thatd be only way to have a chance to make it to the bUiFgC shows Murders row...Again I think he can beat ANY LW but only time will tell if he can prove it...2 possibilities Bellator folds or he fights his way thru his contract....heard it here first.....BLOOOOOOOOOOBBBBBB

PrettyBoy site profile image  

8/14/13 12:35 AM by PrettyBoy

Absolutely, it would be a dream. Too bad there is no co-promotion.That's why the super six which turned out to be more like the super 8 was so bad ass in boxing. A lot of people here Don't understand that boxing had like 3 undefeated champions when that tournament started. Ward is a beast.

JROTT site profile image  

8/14/13 12:31 AM by JROTT

It's kind of sad they both signed 8 fight deals w/ bellator. We'll probably never see them fight anyone on that murderers row ufc lw list

DragonDidn'tDrinkEnoughPee site profile image  

8/14/13 12:29 AM by DragonDidn'tDrinkEnoughPee

Jack Nicholson.gif

The Last Emperor site profile image  

8/14/13 12:27 AM by The Last Emperor

Both of these guys need to be in the UFC.Alvarez is still my all time favorite fighter (tied with Fedor) though. Dude puts it on the line in every fight.

Affliction Blackbelt site profile image  

8/14/13 12:09 AM by Affliction Blackbelt

The UFC LW is damn stacked though, so its pretty bold to say they'd be the best. Henderson, Pettis, Melendez, Grant, Thompson, Maynard, Edgar & possibly Aldo. That is a murderers row. If I had one mma wish it would probably be to see those guys in a LW grand prix to determine the #1.

Ten eight round site profile image  

8/14/13 12:03 AM by Ten eight round

Cheat, get fat or under-achieve?Harsh.

Affliction Blackbelt site profile image  

8/13/13 11:59 PM by Affliction Blackbelt

I was getting chills watching it last night. Surprised it isnt talked about more

RKing85 site profile image  

8/13/13 11:50 PM by RKing85

Sadly it is highly unlikely that the second fight will be as good as the first.

Rob San Soo site profile image  

8/13/13 11:48 PM by Rob San Soo

1st fight was badass, if it wasn't for shogun vs hendo there be more talk about it