White: Conor McGregor has most 2nd fight hype since Brock Lesnar


After his UFC debut, a KO win over Marcus Brimage in 67 seconds, featherweight Conor McGregor was asked if he was concerned about being fed to the wolves too early in his career.

I'm a wolf," explained the Dublin native.

McGregor arrived in Boston yesterday ahead of his fight Saturday night vs. Max Holloway with a more hype for a fighter in his second UFC fight than almost anyone ever.

“You’ve got that right,” said UFC president Dana White. “Other than Brock Lesnar.”

“I like real fighters. I like guys that want to win it and guys that want to finish and guys that just love to fight. That’s what I love about Conor. He’s a great kid, has got an awesome personality and loves to fight. He’s my kind of guy.”

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Morgz site profile image  

8/16/13 7:50 AM by Morgz

Looking forward to the fight but not sure I agree he's been hyped quite that much. As already stated, Rousey and Lombard were both hyped significantly more, IMO. Looking back, a lot of the PRIDE acquisitions were too (Shogun, Gomi, etc)

NorthFromHere site profile image  

8/16/13 7:18 AM by NorthFromHere


Chromium site profile image  

8/16/13 7:06 AM by Chromium

I usually let Dana's exaggerations slide but goddamn that's one hell of a whopper. People have brought up Rousey, but there are probably dozens of other answers to this. Just in the brief history of the UFC Featherweight division, you have Jose Aldo and TKZ. Let alone people like Cro Cop, or Rampage, or Overeem, or Forrest Griffin, or even Diego Sanchez (people thought he was a future Welterweight contender). Conor McGregor is a hot prospect who can draw Irish fans and move the needle a bit on a show in general, but he's not a major draw and he's probably more valuable to the 34 million Irish Americans (a large minority of whom self-identify very heavily with that heritage), than it is to the 4.7 million Irish that actually live in Ireland (which isn't even a PPV market). Still, people like McGregor are certainly helping Featherweight flesh out nicely. They're a very deep division, and with Lightweight finally developing the sort of star power that approaches its depth of talent, it's nice to see more attention shifting to the Featherweights.

OnlyTheStrongSurvive site profile image  

8/15/13 7:22 PM by OnlyTheStrongSurvive

UFC has never promoted anyone like her

ssj site profile image  

8/15/13 7:11 PM by ssj

lol as big as brock lesnar?fuck off

sycotik site profile image  

8/15/13 3:14 PM by sycotik

New one? Damn the "old" one is only 2-3 years old. WTF happened? In for answers please.

Damaynevent site profile image  

8/15/13 1:57 PM by Damaynevent

Holloway is no joke. I think he will give McGregor all he can handle and then some.

Goblowyourself site profile image  

8/15/13 1:19 PM by Goblowyourself

I remember Lombard to ufc was prettty fuckin hyped...

SiriusXM Fight Club site profile image  

8/15/13 1:12 PM by SiriusXM Fight Club

Not this...

BrCutter site profile image  

8/15/13 1:07 PM by BrCutter

Definitely. I like Holloway to be honest. He doesn't have the intimidating look or physique, but he'll kick your ass. He's surprised me and I find him to be the underdog I rooted for that won and I'm still behind him. I hope this is an awesome fight and very well could be. Conor would be making a massive mistake if looks past Max at all.