Who is the #1 contender after Browne vs. Overeem?


UFC president Dana White says Saturday night's fight between heavyweights Travis Browne and Alstair Overeem is not necessarily a #1 contender fight; he prefers to wait and see how they fight before determining what's next.

For his part, Overeem says that is not his job to think about who gets the next title shot.

“I’m not really thinking about all that stuff," said Overeem. "I just focus on my own thing, which is getting back on track, getting the workouts in, and assembling a new team. I don't really focus on what other people think or what's going to happen after this fight or the fight after. It's up to the gentlemen of the UFC to decide what they're going to do next.”

And for Browne, it is do or die.

"This is my shot to make my name," said Browne. "Losing to a guy like Alistair, all it does is put me way back in line. [If] he loses to a guy like me, he still has his persona. So to me, it's do or die."

Who do you think will be the next challenger to the winner of UFC Cain vs. JDS at UFC 166 in October? Overeem vs. Browne winner? Cormier vs. Nelson winner? Or is it Werdum all by himself?

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Feelz Good site profile image  

8/18/13 10:50 AM by Feelz Good

The heavyweight is just so fucked right now. I think all they can do is Werdum vs Silva and hope to god that Werdum wins again.

James III site profile image  

8/18/13 10:37 AM by James III

It's got to be Werdum surely?

ipponssting site profile image  

8/18/13 10:13 AM by ipponssting

If Werdum doesn't get the next shot/a definitive #1 contender shot it's absolute horseshit

ViciousCesar site profile image  

8/18/13 9:35 AM by ViciousCesar

I knew that wasn't right. VU

Chromium site profile image  

8/17/13 8:25 AM by Chromium

Well, JDS is the #1 contender, but assuming everyone mean #2 contender, it's currently Werdum by default. If Overeem demolishes Hapa, then he may jump back to #2 contender status (after JDS), but if he eeks out a boring victory then probably not. Werdum beat the shit out of Roy Nelson before he beat Big Nog btw. With D.C. switching divisions soon (supposedly), Overeem, Bigfoot, and Mark Hunt all coming off of losses, and Travis Browne's best win being over Stefan Struve, and Barnett not having beaten a Top 10 opponent in several years, Werdum is the #2 contender by default. Who the fuck else would it be?

The Pendulum site profile image  

8/17/13 6:38 AM by The Pendulum

Moot point. Not mute. Moot moot moot.

UGCTT_ScarecrowRio site profile image  

8/17/13 2:26 AM by UGCTT_ScarecrowRio

I think this whole thing is sattired. Source in the fighter who has "retired"

MMA Lives Here site profile image  

8/17/13 2:25 AM by MMA Lives Here

Frankie deserves his shot

TheHebrewHammer site profile image  

8/17/13 2:22 AM by TheHebrewHammer

Faber will get another shot of he goes through Alcantara

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

8/17/13 1:53 AM by ChaosOverkill

this, is Ariel causing shit again?