Brock: There's days I think I can get back into the Octagon, but...


Brock Lesnar was the biggest thing to hit the UFC since Royce Gracie, winning the UFC heavyweight championship, undergoing surgery to remove nearly a foot of his colon to treat diverticulitis and going 4-3 before retiring and returning to the WWE.

The journey was just one part of long, strange trip from 2000 NCAA heavyweight wrestling champion to WWE stardom to a training-camp experience to UFC champion to a return to the current stint at the WWE.

Since his retirement Lesnar's health has improved; an obvious question is, did Lesnar retire prematurely?

"You've always got that part in your mind," Lesnar told the LA Times' Lance Pugmire. "I do miss it, but I've got to keep myself in check. What I went through the last few years was quite traumatic, not being able to fight like I wanted. I got back on the horse way too soon. Coulda, shoulda, woulda.

"That chapter in my life has come to closure, and I'm comfortable with it."

"I've never really sat and pondered about what I could've done differently or how things could've been, but I wasn't the same guy. Now I feel great; there's days I think I can get back into the Octagon and be the same human being I was before. But I'm on another chapter."

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JerodR site profile image  

8/18/13 6:03 PM by JerodR

I have met him and have a number of family friends in common. You watch a few things and think you have a clue on what kind of guy he is. Every fighter you named I agree with you on and Brock is not that kind of fighter obviously. He is more of a competitor than anything. However I believe that anyone that steps in that cage deserves a certain level of respect let alone someone that has never had an armature fight and went on to won a world title. Brock can't take a beating like Carwin.,.really? Brock took a beating from Carwin and smiled afterwards then submitted him. What other person finished Carwin like that? Cormier is believed to be the #2 HW in the world but watch his fight vs Mir and then look what Brock did to Mir. However Brock was just a wrestler right? Was Brock the best ever? No. Is he some god or something? No. I don't worship Brock but I do respect him for what he was able to do.

ryanisagarrett site profile image  

8/18/13 4:39 PM by ryanisagarrett

I can't hold it back man. You're a fucking bitch. You don't like lesnar? Cool. You don't have to like him, but the way you go about it is such a fucking douche bag way.

ryanisagarrett site profile image  

8/18/13 4:34 PM by ryanisagarrett

I agree this dude is an idiot, but becoming a fan by TUF doesn't ultimately make you an idiot.

Trifive site profile image  

8/18/13 4:17 PM by Trifive

OMG.....need a tissue? How's the sweat from the back of Brock's balls taste?You act like the man set on a quest to save children from abusive step fathers in a far away land and encountered real hard ships along the way. He's not curing cancer or anything so stop building him up like he needs a monument in Minnesota so that all the residents can come to it like a wailing wall to get spiritual guidance.He was a 300 lb very strong wrestler....that's IT! Sure he a had a few good fights, but big fucking deal. Most guys in MMA have had a few good fights. He's NOT a fighter in anyway, shape or form. When things went his way, he was Mr. Tough guy. When he got punched in the face, he quit (compare that to Carwin who took a beating from JDS for 15 minutes...Brock could have never taken that). I don't care if he held the belt. The UFC belt, to me, means dick. Joe Lauzon, Chael Sonnen, Dan Hardy, Nick Diaz, etc. are all fighters who never held the belt but are a fighter in every sense of the word and greater than Brock could ever be.You guys with your "he was champ so I worship him" shit crack me up. He wasn't that great...end of story. Go drink some toilet water.

JerodR site profile image  

8/17/13 9:11 PM by JerodR

The only joke here is that the forum and fighter have to listen to people like you with no damn respect. That man did more in his short career than most fighters do in a lifetime. You can literally discredit EVERY single fighter alive one way or another. Bottom line is that Brock brought fans, and fought the best the UFC had in his first fights. Not only did he not take the easy road, he took the impossible road. ANY fighter that could do what he did in his first 4 MMA fights EVER deserves respect. It wasn't just his first pro fights but his first fights period. To bash why he was able to do or call his fights a joke is not only disrespectful to him but also his competition not to mention just being a douche plain and simple.

KingofBJJ site profile image  

8/17/13 8:44 PM by KingofBJJ

To be fair, that was not a regular 50 year old boxer.  That was the former HW boxing champion and former Boxing Olympian Gold Medalists. It is dumb for any MMA fighter to attempt to strike with a former boxing champ.  Courture knew that, that's why he pussied out and wrestled him.

Poindexter site profile image  

8/17/13 4:01 PM by Poindexter

I enjoyed Brock in the UFC. I'm sure he'd be welcomed back in a second.

THERE WAS A GLITCH IN THE MATRiX site profile image  


so UFC was complete shit back then I guess eh? all fighters suck and no win is good. Man, so glad TUF brought us faggot ass tards like this for fans. bust out your TUDF dvds and watch your favorite fighters piss in each others beds and act like drama queens.

Cole Can Grapple site profile image  

8/17/13 3:22 PM by Cole Can Grapple

Brock smashed Mur and asked to talk shit now after smashing him was the funniest shit after a fight. The romos after that was pretty fucking hilarious. I hope he can come back at full health. I must say I loved the fact he didn't bring up ANY EXCUSES FOR HIS LOSES.

JD85 site profile image  

8/17/13 2:19 PM by JD85

I have a lot of respect for Brock jumping in with the best (at the time) so soon with very little experience. He brought excitement to the UFC's HW division -- win or lose his fights were definitely worth watching. A good comparison: Cormier finally fought a washed-up low-T Mir in his 12th fight and it was a very boring hugfest. Cormier could have easily taken Mir down but never did out of fear of his BJJ. But Brock, in his 5th fight, smashed a near-prime Mir by taking him down and neutralizing his guard. Even Cain's trainer Javier Mendez said if Brock didn't have diverticulitis and got his priorities right (like training at AKA to work on striking), he could have been one of the best ever.<br /><br />A lot of people hate him because of his "heel" wrestling personality that he brought over to the UFC, but that's probably not him in real life. In personal interviews he seems like a private family man. It was funny years ago about all the Brock vs Fedor talk, like they were polar opposites with everything, yet those two guys probably have a lot in common in their personal lives.