Boston Politician: UFC teaches kids how to rape


Put this one under 'WTF?'! Today a Boston politician Stephen Murphey spoke out against the UFC an NECN television show and made outlandish remarks against the UFC and their influence on teens and young adults:

It's that type of un-checked social behavior, which is plastered all over the Internet for kids to view, that has Murphy so upset. He recently explained on NECN's "The Morning Show:"

"I filed a resolution not so much for the behavior in the cage, as the behavior outside of the ring of some of the stars of the UFC and there haven't been sanctions. They are all over YouTube and the internet which is a great source of information for kids. They are promoting violence against women, teaching kids how to rape and stuff that is way over the top, the behavior. There has been no official sanction from UFC, the governing body that employs all these guys."

Talk about over the top.

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Murphy was most likely referencing a paradoy video 'Rampage' Jackson made about picking up women. The video showed Jackson using chloroform to subdue a female for a date.


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GladiatorGannon site profile image  

8/19/13 1:48 AM by GladiatorGannon


Phisher site profile image  

8/18/13 11:52 PM by Phisher

  It's clear that somebody from the culinary union just sent him a link to the video on Youtube and a check for his campaign fund and that was enough for him to go on all over Boston spouting this bullshit.   It's surprisingly cheap to buy the favors of a politician, especially some glofied city councilman.

TheGoldenRule site profile image  

8/18/13 9:50 PM by TheGoldenRule

Funny shit

circa305 site profile image  

8/18/13 9:47 PM by circa305

This guys whole argument is based off that silly spoof video Rampage made? Really? He dont even work for the company anymore.

tres_equis_666 site profile image  

8/18/13 9:35 PM by tres_equis_666

Gif now has a funnier context post-two Dwightmares

Kanabull site profile image  

8/18/13 9:30 PM by Kanabull

You are precisely what is wrong with the United States.

chew22 site profile image  

8/18/13 6:22 PM by chew22

and politicians teach kids to pick up other men in public bathrooms.

Hunter V site profile image  

8/18/13 6:04 PM by Hunter V

dude both sides have blowhards that drone on and on. I could post plenty of conservative douchebags who do the same as this idiot on this particular topic. Don't get drug into the liberal this, conservative that bullshit. If a politician could sell out their mother for a dollar or a vote don't think they would not do it. Party affiliation has jack shit to do w things and the sooner the general populace gets that the quicker we can clean house from both parties of the idiots.

KingofBJJ site profile image  

8/17/13 9:09 PM by KingofBJJ

Waah!  They called us names!

tenchu site profile image  

8/17/13 7:22 PM by tenchu

Lioyd Irvin cornering at tonight's event and receiving a positive acknowledgement by commentator Rogan isn't helping.