Top 25 fights of all time?


The 411 staff put out their choice for..

Top-25 fights of all time
#25. Brock Lesnar vs. Shane Carwin, UFC 116
#24. Quinton Rampage Jackson vs. Dan Henderson, UFC 75
#23. Takanori Gomi vs. Nick Diaz, Pride 33
#22. Gilbert Melendez vs. Josh Thomson 2, Strikeforce Evolution
#21. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Bob Sapp, PRIDE Shockwave
#20. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira vs. Dan Henderson, PRIDE Total Elimination 2005
#19. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Mirko Cro Cop, PRIDE Final Conflict 2003
#18. Randy Couture vs. Tim Sylvia, UFC 68
#17. Fedor Emelianenko vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, PRIDE 25
#16. Benson Henderson vs. Donald Cerrone, WEC 43
#15. Shogun Rua vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, PRIDE Critical Countdown 2005
#14. Frank Shamrock vs. Tito Ortiz, UFC 22
#13. Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard 2, UFC 125
#12. Leonard Garcia vs. Chan Sung Jung, WEC 48
#11. Don Frye vs. Yoshihiro Takayama, PRIDE 21: Demolition
#10. Benson Henderson vs. Anthony Pettis, WEC 53
#9. Royce Gracie vs. Kazushi Sakuraba, Pride Grand Prix 2000: Finals
#8. Wanderlei Silva vs. Chuck Liddell, UFC 79
#7. Matt Hughes vs. Frank Trigg 2, UFC 52
#6. Forrest Griffin vs. Stephan Bonnar 1, The Ultimate Fighter Finale
#5. Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen, UFC 117
#4. Eddie Alvarez vs. Michael Chandler, Bellator 58
#3. Wanderlei Silva vs. Quinton Rampage Jackson 2, PRIDE 28: High Octane
#2. Shogun Rua vs. Dan Henderson, UFC 139
#1. Fedor Emelianenko vs. Mirko Cro Cop Filipovic, PRIDE Final Conflict 2005

Honorable Mention
Ronda Rousey vs. Miesha Tate, Strikeforce: Tate vs. Rousey
Nick Diaz vs. Paul Daley, Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Daley
Miguel Torres vs. Yoshiro Maeda, WEC 34
Forrest Griffin vs. Quinton Rampage Jackson, UFC 86

Most appearances
Dan Henderson – 3
Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera - 3
Rampage Jackson - 2
Antonio Rogerio Nogueira - 2
Mirko Cro Cop - 2
Fedor Emelianenko - 2
Benson Henderson - 2
Shogun Rua - 2
Wanderlei Silva - 2

Please understand that a top-25 list is not at all subjective. In fact, getting something incorrect on a top 25 list is a sign of Pride fanboy nut huggery, or Zuffa shillery, or stupidity and ignorance, or, mostly likely, all of them.

With that understanding in mind:
How many of these fights have you missed?
What fights do you think are missing?
What fights do you think are out of order?

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Recent Comments »

Zaph site profile image  

8/20/13 4:24 PM by Zaph

It was an incredible ending and a compelling story, but with many of the fights listed, you could grab any random minute of the fight and see right away that it was a great fight. With Silva - Sonnen, you need context. If we had a list for most dramatic fights, then I would agree with you. As far as fights that are nonstop insanity go, this was not one of them.For what it's worth, my wife missed the ending because she thought that at that point in the fight, she could safely go to the washroom and not really miss much. She could not take her eyes off the screen when Nogueira fought Shogun.

Zaph site profile image  

8/20/13 4:15 PM by Zaph

Nogueira vs Shogun should be #1. I still think that was the best fight ever. Fedor vs Crocop definitely needs a high ranking due to the fact that it was a fight with enormous hype that actually delivered.

BJ Penn Forever site profile image  

8/20/13 4:11 PM by BJ Penn Forever

Thread brings back so many great memories. Bought to watch some of these on youtube. Keep listing ones that have not been listed!

branchdavidian site profile image  

8/20/13 3:02 PM by branchdavidian

fisher/stout 2tokoro/uyenoyamafirst modafferi/larosa fight was crazy too

FightToLive site profile image  

8/20/13 11:20 AM by FightToLive

Jason Black vs Allesio in TKO!!!! WOW!

FedorFalconPunch site profile image  

8/20/13 11:16 AM by FedorFalconPunch

Hendo vs Shogun isnt at Crocop/Fedors level because the skill level difference/ being in there primes. Also was for the Pride Heavyweight Belt.Fedor vs Crocop was a Prime vs Prime Title Fight.Shogun vs Hendo was def out of prime for both...If that fight happen in would be even more insane.

MMA Lives Here site profile image  

8/20/13 8:52 AM by MMA Lives Here

Umm.... Sonnen vs Anderson is still the most electrifying thing I've ever seen in MMA. The invincible Anderson Silva, unbeaten and basically unrivaled in the UFC, got absolutely manhandled and brutalised for 23 minutes. He was on his way to a record-breaking loss (50-41 or 50-42) - it was just a formality now after such a long, lopsided beat down. Then out of nowhere, when everyone else knew he had finally been beaten - no, demolished - Anderson summoned his indomitable spirit and locked on a lightning fast triangle. Suffering from a cracked rib, after 23 minutes of exhausting body-body-head ground and pound, the champ refused to fall.GTFO. If anything it could be higher

thatcpjguy site profile image  

8/20/13 4:40 AM by thatcpjguy

Couture/big nog was an excellent fight that should be on the list in my opinion. That fight displayed all aspects of MMA.

Ismileforboobies site profile image  

8/20/13 2:42 AM by Ismileforboobies