Phantom Cam highlights from UFC on FOX Sports 1 debut


What did Travis Browne's incredible kick look like in super-slow-mo. Check out super slow motion replays from the Phantom Cam during UFC on FOX Sports 1.

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Bucephalus site profile image  

8/20/13 1:15 AM by Bucephalus

Wow... way to make a great thing lame by choosing random footage instead of key moves. The majority of that footage was boring.

Mojo514 site profile image  

8/20/13 12:55 AM by Mojo514

gotta love the phantom cam

Bentleysuper8 site profile image  

8/19/13 6:42 PM by Bentleysuper8

Probably because the entire move in Phantom slomo would take about a minute.

Willin site profile image  

8/19/13 4:59 PM by Willin

Why did the shithead editors cut-edit Chael's lateral drop? Surely they had the whole thing in slow-mo on video. There is no clear view of it from the broadcast footage. That would have been the only clear footage. Idiots.

gatorlaw site profile image  

8/19/13 4:34 PM by gatorlaw

For Shane.

Shane Sherk site profile image  

8/19/13 4:30 PM by Shane Sherk

Link is dead, but FOX put another one up almost right after. por favor.

YousHerName site profile image  

8/19/13 4:18 PM by YousHerName

Yea dude wtf everytime they have these they never show the finishes or best parts of the fights.

Bentleysuper8 site profile image  

8/19/13 3:40 PM by Bentleysuper8

Previously someone had posted a website that bypasses country blockades, anyone happen to know it?

DW site profile image  

8/19/13 3:31 PM by DW

always cool to see the phantom cam highlights, but some of the choices of clips are awkward.  I understand they are limited by the angles available and not showing the finishes, but with the Mcdonald v Pickett fight alone there were some great exchanges they could have shown.  Instead we get a grazing punch?

44 Magnum site profile image  

8/19/13 3:26 PM by 44 Magnum

Yes, thank you! I've been waiting to see this. Voted up good Sir.