Has BJJ lost its effectiveness as an MMA base?

by Matthew Ryder |

It seems as though MMA has gone through cycles where dominant Jiu-Jitsu fighters ruled the Octagon (UFC 1) and then dominant wrestlers took over (Kerr, Coleman), and then dominant strikers with takedown defense (Liddell, Silva). Now most athletes are well-rounded and can fight everywhere, however could dominant jiu-jitsu players be losing their ground as a base for MMA. Bleacher Report's Matthew Ryder delves into the subject in his recent editorial:

Another one of those things, one that belongs right there next to clear soda, free range smoking, and gaming with three buttons?

Jiu-jitsu in MMA.

Jiu-jitsu in MMA used to be serious. It used to be threatening. It used to be pretty much all a man needed to break his opponent's will and wallow in his successes.

Not anymore though.

Now the pure jiu-jitsu guys are a dying breed, and the idea that they're the ones to be feared is tragically outdated.

Look at the official rankings in each weight class. Out of the 90 fighters that make up the top-10s of each division, only a handful could be called jiu-jitsu specialists.

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sekundarburnes site profile image  

9/1/13 6:07 PM by sekundarburnes

animal mother, it's free style wrestlers (the style of the olympics) that are bad at getting up from bottom from their backs, as training it for a freestyle match doesn't serve any purpose (the reason being that the instant a wrestler in that style ends up exposing his back to the mat the match is usually over). FOLKSTYLE wrestlers are great at it, because they spend a large chunk of the time they train practicing escapes from that position, to the feet, because they have the time in folkstyle to get back up before being considered pinned. also for this reason, folkstyle guys are also better at holding their opponents down, as they are required to do it for longer against a struggling wrestler, as opposed to freestyle wrestlers who are just required to get their opponents to that position, and then be done.so you're half right, and half wrong. american wrestlers, who are almost always folk-based, are good at doing this. non-american ones, who almost always train freestyle (when not greco-roman) for olympic purposes, are not surprisingly bad at escaping from their backs in mma, and not surprisingly not as good at holding guys down.

Animal Mother site profile image  

9/1/13 8:20 AM by Animal Mother

It's a fact that wrestlers suck off their backs. This isn't a difficult concept to wrap your head around. Getting them there is another story.

ausgepicht site profile image  

9/1/13 3:27 AM by ausgepicht

This. How does someone not know that one of the objects of wrestling is to get back to standing when you get taken down? !??!

cm81 site profile image  

9/1/13 3:25 AM by cm81

Why not. When GSP wins he is cited as a wrestler after all. :)

RockMeAmadeus site profile image  

9/1/13 3:17 AM by RockMeAmadeus


Bellator Fan site profile image  

9/1/13 3:13 AM by Bellator Fan

Pettit has a BJJ base? That's news to me...

cm81 site profile image  

9/1/13 3:02 AM by cm81

Lol. Knew this thread would be back up after that sweet armbar.

BJ Penn Forever site profile image  

9/1/13 2:19 AM by BJ Penn Forever

That sumu style armbar Pettis used was much better than the BJJ armbar. Roger Gracie and Rolles Gracie lost their first fights in the UFC, proof BJJ is a dead art. Long live fighters who have both Sumu and Judu.

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

9/1/13 1:22 AM by ChaosOverkill

Totally ineffective bro... Ahhhh shit my eyes are stuck from rolling back shit shit shit!!

Wasa-B site profile image  

8/24/13 2:03 PM by Wasa-B

Yeah, i accept the reality of 5 min rounds but it completely changes the game with a 10 min round ESP if there were no standups ...meaning, less rules, more realistic to a real fight.