Askren: Bellator stance 'could be a ploy'


Bellator chief Bjorn Rebney appears to be letting Bellator welterweight champion Ben Askren simply walk away.

"I don't think we're going to make an offer at this point," said Rebney. "So I don't see any reason to make anybody sit out."

"If Ben's going to go to the UFC, we should speed up that process so he can go fight. I'd love to see Ben versus GSP."

"If the UFC does make an offer, we'll take a look at it and move on from there. We haven't been proactive yet. I have nothing but good things to say about Ben as a fighter, but we're all very aware of how he fights and what he does... It's not for everyone."

Rebney frankly described Bellator's welterweights as being short on wrestling, and long on striking, and attributed that to the Olympian's dominating success.

"Until the wrestling game evolves they're going to have big problems with a guy like Ben Askren," said Rebney. "He does what he does, takes them out of their environment, and that makes for incredibly lopsided fights."

In an interview with MMAJunkie's Ben Fowkles, Askren reflects on Rebney's unusual stance.

"I'm happy, more than anything, that they're [waiving] the exclusive [negotiating] period, so now I don't have to sit out 90 days before anything even starts to happen," said Askren. "That's definitely a positive thing."

"Let's face it, they've got these guys they're trying to bring up, trying to make into stars, and then I outstrike them 248-3 and make them look like they're a child. It's pretty tough to make them a star after that."

"Honestly, I think it could be a ploy on their part to get the UFC to make a lower offer, so when they go to match it's not as hard."

"I'm fairly indifferent to what [Rebney] said. I got in MMA for one reason: to see if I could be the best in the world. Actually, he's doing me a favor if he lets me go to the UFC and test myself. I mean, I wouldn't be upset that I'm getting paid a bunch of money to beat up guys who aren't as good as me, but I would like those challenges if it's possible."

"I don't know that there are any challenges left in Bellator, so yeah, I think the only challenges for me are in the UFC."

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ssj site profile image  

8/23/13 4:39 PM by ssj

nice stutter fingers faggot

Standup29 site profile image  

8/23/13 3:51 PM by Standup29

Great attitude and I'll watch him regardless of what promotion he is fighting under.

BJJkilla site profile image  

8/23/13 3:31 PM by BJJkilla

it's either get paid a bunch of money to beat up chumps in bellator some more or go to the UFC and test himself against the top WW's in the world.

MMALOGIC site profile image  

8/23/13 3:13 PM by MMALOGIC

if bellator loses their rmost dominant champ (again)...  how can they keep saying they're not a feeder league?

MMAlurk site profile image  

8/23/13 2:26 PM by MMAlurk

I personally would love to see GSP destroy Ben. I like watching GSP fight, but usually find myself rooting against him. I think it is just because i would like to see mix up in the division. I would certainly buy this card if it did happen, amd definitely cheer for Pierre to win.

Phil999 site profile image  

8/23/13 2:01 PM by Phil999

Some good points. If he gets in the UFC it may help him to evolve as a more rounded fighter. He didn't need to change his style much in Bellator as no one could handle him.

Domingo site profile image  

8/23/13 1:36 PM by Domingo

While GSP still beats Askren, I don't think it will be anything like his bouts with other wrestlers. Askren is not only better, he knows that he stands NO chance if he Wangs. He's just keep coming forward and trying takedowns until he either gets one or gets KO'd trying. I'd rather see that than a wrestler trying to box.I think we really need someone to push Askren to make him be entertaining. He's fighting guys that stand no chance in Bellator so he seems to enjoy just screwing around with transitions for 15 minutes. In the UFC he'll finally have guys who won't let him.

QQmoar site profile image  

8/23/13 1:20 PM by QQmoar

when you are trying to sell fights and are in the beginning part of doing that like bellator is.. it is hard to sell PPV and put buts in the seat to watch askren dry hump some one for 25 minutes. I'm personally a fan and enjoy watching what his ability to control an entire aspect of a fight.. but unless you have a crazy awesome personality like chael..or are just a good looking badass dude like GSP.. from a business side he isnt a huge bring him to the UFC.. where there is a established fan base.. and people willing to tune in just because the UFC is on.. You can have fighters like him.. and be completely okay.but i dont want to see him vs GSP... people said the same shit with GSP vs shields and what would happen.. what happened is shields cant take down GSP and then GSP picks him apart standing up. same will happen..

M Theory site profile image  

8/23/13 12:49 PM by M Theory

The casual fan probably can't name one person in their 170 roster. That is if they have even heard of Belletor. I enjoy any MMA, but I'm suprised that even fairly regular UFC fans have never heard of Belletor.

CrazyMikeMMA site profile image  

8/23/13 12:45 PM by CrazyMikeMMA

I think its the right way to play this. Last time someone said "i want to go to the ufc" and bellator fought to keep them it attracted tons of negative press and flak. This time the fighter is kind of smack-talking his league, and saying he wants out. Plus it will prevent an early all out-bidding war if Bellator's just playing their hand close to their chest. Is it the best for the fighter's interest? Probably not, but he limited his bargaining power by badmouthing one of the two bidding parties and saying he had preference on where to go. Gotta play a bit hard to get to seem more desireable.