Cerrone: The fight is against me


"I wish I could block a little more, move my head a little more, but that's the only way I know how to do it," he said. "Don't back down, don't turn away, that's all I know how to do. ... If you had seen my early kickboxing fights, you'd go, 'Oh yeah, that is just how he fights.' Hands at my waist, giving 100 percent, just throwing punches until I couldn't throw anymore. Overwhelming guys was the one ability I had. That and taking unbelievable shots. I've been working on that, trying to calm down and bring it back down, but at the end of the day, when the s--t hits the fan, that's what I fall back on. Just fighting."

Somewhere in there, Cerrone has to find a balance. He has to find some sort of middle ground between going full throttle all the time and being paralyzed by his own anxiety. That's exactly what he's trying to do, he said, and it seems to be working. It's just that it's more of a process than an instant fix, which is sometimes a little hard for a guy who never learned how to slow down.

"Unfortunately, the mind isn't something where you can just take a pill and fix it overnight," Cerrone said. "It's something I have to work on just as much as I work on my striking or my wrestling. People keep asking me, what am I worried about with dos Anjos? This fight isn't about dos Anjos. It's about me going out there and doing everything that I do. Really, the fight is against me."

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Unclemac1 site profile image  

8/30/13 6:22 PM by Unclemac1

Knew it. :(

UnderTheClock site profile image  

8/26/13 8:24 PM by UnderTheClock

I've always felt that his problem, when he has one of course, is his relatively sparse work rate.

UnderTheClock site profile image  

8/26/13 8:24 PM by UnderTheClock


ajl416az site profile image  

8/26/13 7:46 PM by ajl416az

I wonder about this myself.I would have loved to hear which was mentally tougher on his psyche:-Getting outworked and out-toughed by Nate Diaz, when Cowboy's been relying on his heart and toughness for his entire career-or getting rolled through by Pettis, when he's never been worked like that ever.

Stephen Holder site profile image  

8/26/13 7:00 PM by Stephen Holder

I appreciate Cerrone's candor n the dude always goes out there to entertain which always gets my repect but what really happened to Donald was a man by the name of Nate Diaz.

UGCTT_EnderTL site profile image  

8/26/13 6:36 PM by UGCTT_EnderTL

Excellent interview. I understand where he's coming from.  

Chaelismyhero site profile image  

8/26/13 6:33 PM by Chaelismyhero

I love me some Cowboy. That boy comes to fight.

Unclemac1 site profile image  

8/26/13 9:39 AM by Unclemac1

Something about this interview doesnt bode well for the upcoming fight.

epic hero site profile image  

8/26/13 1:54 AM by epic hero

Honest interview He says he overwhelms people and that's interesting because he looks completely lost when that doesn't work and can't handle the opponents pressure

KingofBJJ site profile image  

8/26/13 1:32 AM by KingofBJJ

This is a fight he should win, but you never know which Donald will show up.