Barnett: There's more athletes than fighters now


Former UFC heavyweight champion Josh Barnett fights former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir on August 31. Barnett appeared recently appear on MMA Sentinel Radio with Evan Shoman and Stephie Daniels, and discussed the state of the art.

Evan Shoman: We saw Shogun get choked out by Chael Sonnen last week.  Do you feel like you are that last glimmer of hope for the ‘Pride Never Die’ attitude that fans have?

Josh Barnett:  No.  I was there.  I lived it.  Nothing dies if you remember it within yourself.  I was a fighter there.  Whether it dies or not, is not up to me.  I’m not going to go out and wave a flag for a dead organization THAT ACTUALLY OWED ME MONEY WHEN IT FOLDED!

ES: There are fighters and there are athletes who fight.  Do you think if you have to use something as a tool to get ready to compete, you aren’t a “fighter”?

JB: Everyone has what works for them. You are right though, that there are athletes and fighters.  In this sport, I think there are more athletes than fighters now.  It isn’t surprising; because of how easy it is to get into MMA today.  There aren’t all of the barriers that we used to deal with to get a fight, get the training, or even get into a gym.  I had to try out for AMC Pankration and I had already beaten one of their pros in my first fight ever!  They said it was all well and good, but they wanted me to go through conditioning, training, and an interview.  They judged me to see if I was worth their time to invest in.  I was still paying a gym membership, too.  I paid, I trained, and I was a fighter.

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BTT-RyannVonDoom site profile image  

8/28/13 11:35 AM by BTT-RyannVonDoom

Josh is dead on about the athlete/fighter situation... I got ripped up for making a thread about it.

Crooklyn site profile image  

8/28/13 11:32 AM by Crooklyn

  Yes we do! Here's the link for the Barnett interview:

MartialArtsMixed site profile image  

8/28/13 3:10 AM by MartialArtsMixed

Do you guys make podcasts out of your shows shoman?

teamquestnorth site profile image  

8/28/13 12:37 AM by teamquestnorth

His thoughts on the pride never die thing are spot on

MagSlim site profile image  

8/28/13 12:34 AM by MagSlim

The font on that website is illegible garbage.Did not read.

Chucklesmf site profile image  

8/28/13 12:16 AM by Chucklesmf

TTT for Evan, Crook, and the WARMASTER!! VTFU, awesome interview.

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8/28/13 12:09 AM by Kirik


countingcoup site profile image  

8/27/13 10:55 PM by countingcoup

Hmmm well you have Uriah Hall ~ true true, but then you have John J Bones? Wasssaaaa

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8/27/13 7:18 PM by FullyLoadedFists


Mark Hunts Pet Monkey site profile image  

8/27/13 6:56 PM by Mark Hunts Pet Monkey

Great interview! Goatwhore \m/