White: Bjorn Rebney's a scumbag


There is certainly no love lost between the UFC and Bellator or their respective President's Dana White and Bjorn Rebney. The two organizations battled back and forth with Eddie Alvarez and White is expecting the same with Ben Askren:

"Bjorn Rebney's a scumbag," White said Wednesday night. "The guy says, 'Yeah, we're going to let him go. Let's just part ways.' You ain't f---ing parting ways with him. He's got a matching right and all that bulls---. This guy is a fucking typical boxing piece of s---. Everybody knows the guy is a scumbag.

"We'll see what happens with Ben. First they say they're going to let him go. They're not going to let him go. They'll probably end up suing him too and make him sit out and lose a bunch of money and f--- him in a deal. Bad guys. They're bad guys."

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PrestigeWorldwide site profile image  

9/3/13 1:46 PM by PrestigeWorldwide

He didn't tell couture he's free to go then change his mind. There's nothing wrong with enforcing a contract, but bellator is straight lying when they say they will let their CHAMP go free and clear.

HexRei site profile image  

9/3/13 12:05 PM by HexRei

I seem to recall this time when a guy named Couture wanted to leave the UFC to fight elsewhere and Dana cockblocked the shit out of him.

notsobigmike site profile image  

9/3/13 11:50 AM by notsobigmike

All the money that's spent on marketing a fighter, especially before he becomes a huge star is essentially an investment on the part of the promoter.All that stuff costs a ton of money and there's no guarantee that you'll make it back.

HELWIG site profile image  

9/3/13 8:53 AM by HELWIG

Get back to me when the bear trashes the accomplishments of real fighters as if hes done shit himself.

Macedawgg site profile image  

9/3/13 5:23 AM by Macedawgg

No promoter in MMA "invests" money in fighters.  In boxing--promoters will invest 6-7 figures in prime amateur prospects and build them--while covering all expenses, living, training ,promotional, stipend, etc.  Where is this occurring in MMA?  It isn't.

eXtv site profile image  

9/1/13 6:26 AM by eXtv

MisterHawkeMMA to say that Fedor had done nothing notable since 2005 is so foolish I don't even know where to start. Dana was willing to pay Fedor more than any other fighter ever, he knew how good Fedor was and how much of an asset he would've been to the UFC. As soon as the deal doesn't go through, he starts mouthing off about how Fedor didn't fight anybody since Cro Cop, etc. and you have to be intellectually bankrupt to say the same. Fedor defeated a myriad of top-ranked and highly skilled opponents after he beat Cro Cop.

WARRIOR POET site profile image  

8/30/13 12:33 AM by WARRIOR POET

not like dana got the fertitta's to buy the ufc   not like dana works his ass off to get mma sanctioned after it is all but fucked in the us   not like dana is trying to put on a lot of good shows   not like dana has like 400 fighters under contract   1st world problems.

MisterHawkeMMA site profile image  

8/30/13 12:31 AM by MisterHawkeMMA

2. I'm pretty sure that isn't true. And even if it was, those credentials are still privileges. The same as bonuses that aren't in your contract. You can't get mad when someone decides not to give you free stuff.3. I'm a fan of Ray Sefo, but let's be honest... relative to Couture, no one knows or cares who he is. If Sefo was in Expendables instead of Randy, then they'd treat him the same way they are treating Randy.7. You can't say "would have probably". That's just silly talk that's impossible to support. And honestly, I don't want to talk about Fedor, because this thread will just degrade into nonsense. But, just so you know. I think Fedor was the best HW in the world in 2005. But since 2005 he's done absolutely NOTHING noteworthy in my opinion. And even mentioning him in the same sentence as GSP and Silva in 2009 is disrespectful. As far as that last one. I feel like all Hall Of Fames let people in too easy. If it was up to me, the HOF would be Royce, Chuck, Tito, BJ (if he's actually retired), and I'm probably missing someone else, but off the top of my head, that's my list. I feel like you should have to do some Jon Jones, GSP, Silva type shit to get in. And although I was a huge Gerald Harris fan and rooted for him all through TUF. When you are the losing half of what may have been the worse fight of the year, I 100% am ok with an entertainment company (which all sports are) releasing you. If he'd of won, it'd of been a different argument. But to lose, in THAT fashion. He had no one to blame but himself. In no way do I think fighters should be forced to fight a certain style. But I do think that you are contracted to provide entertainment. If you aren't entertaining, you can't cry about being cut. I think Fitch should be mad at the fans for being too stupid to be entertained by his brilliant wrestling ability instead of the corporation that caters to those fans. It's as ridiculous as being a singer and putting out a great album that sells 10000 copies worldwide (a ridiculously low number), and being mad because you won all these Grammy's and you think that the label should care.

RockMeAmadeus site profile image  

8/29/13 11:58 PM by RockMeAmadeus

Any parent that names him Bjorn is an automatic retard or scumbag.

Rambo John J site profile image  

8/29/13 10:33 PM by Rambo John J

Dana should smooth his harsh, needs to mellow his negativity.