Benson Henderson defends style, lack of finishes


Benson Henderson is a perfect 7-0 inside the UFC octagon and has defended his UFC title three times, but has yet to finish an opponent, having won all seven of his UFC bouts by decision. Fans and media have criticized him for not finishing fights, however according to him at least, winning is the only thing that matters:

"If a guy walks into the cage and slips on a banana peel and I get a win, I'll take the win," Henderson said on Thursday.

"What it all boils down to is getting your hand raised. Whether you do it impressively, emphatically, whether you do it by split decision or whatever the case may be," he said.

I'm always after beating the guy up," Henderson continued. "I always want to beat the guy up. I don't care about judges or decisions or this or that. I just want to go out there and beat the guy up."

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DoomFarmer site profile image  

8/31/13 4:38 PM by DoomFarmer

Benson threads always expose the dolts that shouldn't watch the sport.

Doem site profile image  

8/31/13 3:18 PM by Doem

it does look he tries to knock people out, but yet he has no finishes. its hard to reconcile those two things

Silverball site profile image  

8/31/13 1:28 PM by Silverball

The difference between Henderson and GSP is that Henderson isn't that much better than most of the guys he's faced since becoming champ. It could be argued that Edgar should have won their second fight, maybe their first fight (I don't agree with this BTW), and the Melendez decision was yet another example of both fighters being so evenly matched that fans seemed split down the middle as to who should've won. GSP has always seemed levels better than most of the guys he's faced, to the point that it appears he's capable of finishing most of his opponents, but chooses instead to play it safe. Up until the point that Condit kicked him in the head, how long had it been since GSP lost a round in a convincing manner?

Wasa-B site profile image  

8/31/13 12:54 PM by Wasa-B

Agree as well. Same opinion the Gracie Breakdown guys seem to hold as well. They can acknowledge his conservative areas will still also showing his technical strengths and GSP almost always is passing or attepmting to pass within seconds of his tds. He just is not willing to put himself in risky situations which im getting tired of myself at this point but that does not make him a "LNPer."

Wasa-B site profile image  

8/31/13 12:50 PM by Wasa-B

Bendo goes for it. GSP is better but Bendo gives er more.

Mix6APlix site profile image  

8/31/13 12:37 PM by Mix6APlix

VTFU. Excellent post.

ender852 site profile image  

8/30/13 11:54 PM by ender852

He fucked up Koscheck pretty bad, that fight should have been stopped by the doctor. Motherfucker's broken orbital was so bad he couldn't even get on a plane, he had to drive home.

Oontyex site profile image  

8/30/13 9:49 PM by Oontyex

When was the last time you saw gsp damage someone / put them in legitimate danger that you thought they'd be finished ... Oh no, wrestling, I'm lying down against my will.My blanket dominated me last night, but my head dominated the pillow, so I guess I'm 1 for 1.

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

8/30/13 8:51 PM by ChaosOverkill

Ok retard. He just said he'll fight any way he has to to get a win and GSP who does the same thing and apologizes for not getting finishes is till the villain to your 13 year old troll brain.   Apply to Mensa

Glovegate site profile image  

8/30/13 8:27 PM by Glovegate

I would love to see this dipshit after being "controlled" by GSP for 25 minutes.  I hope he likes puking and pissing blood.