DFW: I don't think Struve will fight again


Last month during a routine examination, UFC heavyweight Stephan Struve was diagnosed with a leaking aortic valve and an enlarged heart. 'Skyscraper' was born with the condition, and it has affected him little to date, but at 25, his future in MMA is in doubt.

In an interview with CBS Washington's 106.7 The Fan UFC president Dana White said he thought a return to the Octagon was not likely.

"Yea, what he has is a serious condition," said White. "And I honestly don't think he ever will [fight again]. He's got a rip in his heart. And you know, it's one of those freak things that happen to people, and I love the kid. The kid's got, no pun intended, but he's got unbelievable heart. He's tough as nails. He's the nicest guy in the world, and we're going to do everything in our power to help him through this thing."

Listen to entire interview...

Thanks to MMA Fighting for the transcription.


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SOO72 site profile image  

9/6/13 1:22 AM by SOO72

Was worried for his future health regardless. Maybe not fighting anymore is sort of a blessing in disguise. Sucks to have that condition though. Wish him luck.

MattyECB site profile image  

9/6/13 1:14 AM by MattyECB

As criminal as Bush's research ban was, take it from someone whose worked with stem cells -- prosthetics will outpace themIt would be insanely hard to fix this with dedifferentiated cells. Cartman had the right idea, we should just focus on Shakey's Pizzas

Chris Leben is a Zombie site profile image  

9/5/13 11:27 PM by Chris Leben is a Zombie

So, Im trying to make the best of this...Struve took some damage and he's still a young man. Hopefully the UFC will get him a good job within the company and he can live a long healthy life, without taking KO damage!Sad to hear, Struve was always game!

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

9/5/13 6:34 PM by ChaosOverkill

There is hope on the horizon for stem cells to help fix something like this but it's still a ways away, especially in a country where Jesus tears are a priority over curing it's people. I'm not sure where the research is at in other places

Yussarian site profile image  

9/5/13 6:26 PM by Yussarian

Fuck. All I can say. Hope he does well, nicest guy ever. Should be at least a spokes person for the sport.

InteSaSerios site profile image  

9/5/13 4:23 PM by InteSaSerios

"covering everything" ?Doesn't struve live in one of those countries that cares about their citizen when they get sick? As in It's paid for.Anyway, sad news for struve. But honestly, 20 years down the line with family etc. This might be a blessing in disguise.at 25 the brain probably recovers from his 6 ko/tko defeats (not That many, but some of them have obviously been Brutal) better then an old brain would have.. :)

Anderson P Sonnen site profile image  

9/5/13 4:16 PM by Anderson P Sonnen

Damn :(...glad to have watched him fight over the years.

Eric Bloodaxe site profile image  

9/5/13 4:07 PM by Eric Bloodaxe

That sucks. I alway enjoyed his fights and he is stil young. Could've done great things.  All the best to him.

JStrongMMA site profile image  

9/5/13 3:51 PM by JStrongMMA

Yea...this sucks. Kudos to Dana and Lorenzo for taking care of the guy.

Ice Cold Igors Right Hand site profile image  

9/5/13 3:47 PM by Ice Cold Igors Right Hand

Truly sad, he's a tough kid who is always exciting to watch.Best wishes to him.