Struve: 'I DON'T consider retirement as an option'


Last month during a routine examination, UFC heavyweight Stephan Struve was diagnosed with a leaking aortic valve and an enlarged heart. 'Skyscraper' was born with the condition, and it has affected him little to date, but at 25, his future in MMA is in doubt.

In an interview with CBS Washington's 106.7 The Fan UFC president Dana White said he thought a return to the Octagon was not likely.

"Yea, what he has is a serious condition," said White. "And I honestly don't think he ever will [fight again]. He's got a rip in his heart. And you know, it's one of those freak things that happen to people, and I love the kid. The kid's got, no pun intended, but he's got unbelievable heart. He's tough as nails. He's the nicest guy in the world, and we're going to do everything in our power to help him through this thing."

However, Struve said he is determined to fight his way through the medical issues, and back into the cage, via Twitter.

Stefan Struve ‏@StefanStruve
•Watching Crank 2 and I'm getting all sorts of ideas for my heart :p
•Just talked 2 @fightshark_com who had the same condition as me and came back from it! Gave me even more power and believe for a comeback!
•Thanks so much @fightshark_com for the support!! And folks, believe me when I say this, I WILL BE BACK IN THE OCTAGON!!
•I DON'T consider retirement as an option, it's possible 2 come back from this & I'm gonna go for that & make it work! Just so you know ;)
•25 days till the next hospital visit and the final answer from the docters in Holland, I really can't wait"


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pegson123 site profile image  

9/9/13 1:01 AM by pegson123

He is done such a big man with a bad heart. No go

BALLSDEEP site profile image  

9/9/13 12:56 AM by BALLSDEEP

Holland?? There's your 1st & maybe last mistake. When it comes to affairs of the heart, the Cleveland Clinic built the standard, to which all else tries to compare to...and ultimately compete just to be 2nd best.Hell the Saudi Royal family flys here just for a fucking check-up, and will even move here during any procedures just cause they want only the best & can.I'm a fan & plus hate hearing stories like that about anyone, but if it were me, I'd go with the best...

Coranamo site profile image  

9/8/13 11:36 PM by Coranamo

This, Struve has been one of my favorites for a long time. Good luck to him.

elbigsam site profile image  

9/8/13 4:06 PM by elbigsam

Sweet jesus, looking online to make sure im not spouting nonsense. Coronary arteries are fed from the heart. Circumflex fed from left side of heart. What if my clot was a result of the previous arrythmia? Mind blown.

GelderdEnd site profile image  

9/8/13 4:05 PM by GelderdEnd

I'd love the guy to come back because he deserves it but if there's any chance of complications I'd rather he hung them up, it's not worth the risk

SBogar site profile image  

9/8/13 4:04 PM by SBogar

Maybe Dana should chat with another Combat sport athlete who overcame something similar, Mark Fightshark Miller. BiographyI am a professional fighter specializing in kickboxing and MMA. I am a proud father of three sons, a lifelong type 1 diabetic, a survivor of family tragedy and on May 28th, 2011 became the first fighter to return to the ring after aortic valve replacement surgery. My life is so beautiful right now, I hope to continue to do good work and to give back as much as I can. Stick around, I might just do a trick or two. :-)

elbigsam site profile image  

9/8/13 3:51 PM by elbigsam

Posterior descending, not anterior, brain fart.

elbigsam site profile image  

9/8/13 3:48 PM by elbigsam

Im actually cleared for physical activity. Im a firefighter for a large city in texas, full duty, no restrictions.I dont get the tachycardia as long as im using my metoprolol. I have a strange issue where on cooldown after a workout, as my heartrate drops from performance levels to resting some trigger point hits between 120 and 110 bpm and my rate would shoot up to 240 and then have runs of vtach lasting 5 to 10 seconds. After a minute or so the episode would pass and i would feel normal. This preceded the heart attack by 3 months, and was controlled by metoprolol once diagnosed. Here in texas insurance doesnt mandate a dyed flow test before you do a electrophysiology study. So i had the study done, couldnt find anything. Did standard stress tests, no issue while medicated. 3 months later, 3mm clot anterior descending off of the circumflex. Luckily i had the presence of mind to get to the hospital, arrested there, got me back right away, no damage to my cardiac tissue. 2 stents. Ciggarette smoking and low hdl were my only risk factors. I assume that whatever blockage there was started presenting with the tachycardia, and caused some sort of irregularity in the conduction system there on the back side of my heart. Perhaps a cholesterol deposit clot? Seems like 3 months is a long time to develop fully. Also, since my hdl to ldl ratio was off, perhaps thats it. At 30 years old and active its certainly not common to have that sort of thing. As far as my education those arteries supply comes from the capilaries in the lungs straight into the coronary arteries, so the clot couldnt have formed elsewhere in the body. I dunno, even 2.5 years down the road i dont have a firm answer on how this happened.

SC MMA MD site profile image  

9/8/13 7:50 AM by SC MMA MD

I pretty much concur with Nutter's posts above. You also mentioned exercise induced v-tach above, if you have been diagnosed with that it is not likely that your cardiologist would want you doing strenuous exercise unless testing can demonstrate the tachycardia is no longer an issue.The description of plavix acting like a stronger aspirin and inhibiting platelets -vs- Coumadin inhibiting other clotting factors in the clotting cascade is correct as well.

Team Alpha Snail site profile image  

9/8/13 4:38 AM by Team Alpha Snail

This. I'm surprised at how many people especially on twitter have been saying "Dana you were wrong, your not a doctor" why? The last thing Dana wants is Struve to never fight again, he was just being logical I mean we haven't seen Dan Hardy since his heart issues were raised.