Jason Reinhardt forced to defend himself, in his own fight gym


Long time pro fighter Jason Reinhardt was finishing up a class at his Mixed Martial Arts and Fitness gym on North Main Street, in Decatur, Illinois when a when a woman came in and started cursing. She was asked to leave, and her equally disturbed but much larger son came into the gym, and attacked Reinhardt.

Reinhardt, an life-long martial artist and multiple time UFC vet, defended himself, until a nearby police officer intervened and arrested Ambrose

"Twenty seconds later, a pretty large guy comes in there," said Reinhardt. "He was irate and wanted to fight me, because he said I disrespected his grandmother. He didn't leave and the next thing I know, he started throwing punches at my face."

"The hole in a wall there, that was the gentleman's head. We hit the window and the glass shattered, and actually the tarp probably saved us from getting really cut up."

"Thank God the police officer came and I didn't have to do what I know I am capable of doing."

Devonte Ambrose faces aggravated battery and property damage charges. Ambrose has previously been charged with sexually assaulted a girl under age 13, and a battery charge for allegedly punching a woman in the face.


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DeuceDroppin site profile image  

9/10/13 3:44 PM by DeuceDroppin

Bro you fought 3 times in the UFC, and had a great record going in. Who gives a fuck if you lost. You're a fucking bad ass. Much respect and I hope your school does awesome.

Shoulda done a background check on Chael site profile image  

9/10/13 3:23 PM by Shoulda done a background check on Chael

Maybe she's just really crafty in trying to figure out if a gym she's serious considering is legit or not?   Meaning maybe she paid that devante guy a measly 20bucks to start shit with Jason, and if he whoops Jason's ass, she'll know not to waiste her money.   Don't be surprised to see this old black woman come in next week ready to sign up :)

UGCTT_SidRival site profile image  

9/10/13 3:19 PM by UGCTT_SidRival

Fuck yeah. Get it Jason.

Morgz site profile image  

9/10/13 2:45 PM by Morgz

video was completely full of awesome!   Great job with those kids, too

chaplinshouse site profile image  

9/10/13 2:33 PM by chaplinshouse

yeah i was just curious what she was griping about since that's what started the whole ruckus.  i figure if she was yelling about something you could take what she said as the reason for her anger, unless u couldn't understand her or something.  been there.  if indeed she didn't want to have to wait to ask for free money then wow.  even the mafia coming to shake you down would let u finish an existing phone call first. they say there is good in all people but  i don't think that's always true 

I_lov3_JUSTIN_BIEBER site profile image  

9/10/13 12:54 PM by I_lov3_JUSTIN_BIEBER

You have a great perspective, Jason.Whenever I see less fortunate people it really makes me think about how lucky I was. I am not the wealthiest guy around or have a perfect family - but I'm better off than many people out there and I am very grateful. Some people are just thrown into shitty situations from the outset of their life.

Jason Reinhardt site profile image  

9/10/13 12:47 PM by Jason Reinhardt

No she didn't wave back. I can only assume she was mad because she had to wait literally 20 seconds or so for me to complete my phone call. She wasn't interested in signing up for herself or signing up grandkids. She wanted to ask for money like she does to all the downtown local business's. Don't ask me why she was mad...I stopped trying to figure people out a long time ago. Know what I mean?

chaplinshouse site profile image  

9/10/13 12:39 PM by chaplinshouse

did she wave back? why was she mad in the first place

Jason Reinhardt site profile image  

9/10/13 12:37 PM by Jason Reinhardt

How did this turn into talking about presidents guys? I hate politics. lol. Anyway, I saw the lady (supposed grandma) walk by on the sidewalk last night in front of my gym. :) I say supposed grandma, because who even knows if this was his real grandma. Anyway, I waived and smiled with sincerity. #Most people have hard ass lives and I can't let my mind forget that. I was very lucky with great parents, and a great loving, caring family. Most often times than not, these kids out there have nobody who gives a damn.

DamienVB site profile image  

9/9/13 8:02 PM by DamienVB

Holy shit! I was kinda right about the Grandma!