Hendricks: GSP threw me under the bus with maybe 'shady' VADA testing


The French Canadian site UFC/dopage-hendricks-na-pas-encore-rempli-les-papiers-4092013" target="_blank">TVSAports.ca recently reported that Johny Hendricks had not filled out paperwork for Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency (VADA) testing that a frustrated UFC welterweight champion George St-Pierre had requested to allay entirely baseless rumors that he had used PEDs at some point.

When asked initially if he would participate in pre fight drug testing, Hendricks agreed, and in good humor.

"Heck ya," said Hendricks in an interview with UFC Central Radio on Sportsnet 590 The Fan in July. "The worst thing that they're going to find is a little bit of protein in my diet. If eating wild hogs and organic deer meat and a little bit of glutamine is bad for the ol' system, then I might fail."

The devil is always in the details, and when it came time to test, the GSP camp insisted it be conducted through the Las Vegas-based Voluntary Anti-Doping Association, a company which prominently features St-Pierre on the front page of its website. To Hendricks, that's cause to question VADA's impartiality.

"I don't know GSP and for him to say ‘yeah, let's go take the test over here and nowhere else that I suggested or that even the UFC suggested,' that's a little suspect to me," said Hendricks. "My career is held in his hands and here he has a foot in the door with the VADA group."

"That's like if you're trying out for a job, and a guy says, hey, we're both trying out for the same job, you both gotta sign up for a drug test. And he says ‘hey I've got a really good guy that you can drug test over here.' Are you going to take that drug test over here with someone that he knows, or are you going to get someone you don't know, so that way it's on equal grounds?"

"I'm not willing to say ‘You know what GSP, you might be correct, they may not be shady, they might do it 100 percent correct. But you're talking about, I beat GSP that's millions of dollars. If I do this drug test, and they do do something to where I don't get it, now it might cost me millions of dollars, I'm not willing to risk that for GSP just to sit here and push VADA."

"My manager, his management group and the UFC and the Nevada commission, they got on the phone and they talked an hour or so. I wasn't on the conference call. We said yeah, we'll test for anything, but we don't know how deep and we don't still know if  GSP is in with VADA."

"Once we found out it was a little suspect, we said, let's still do the drug testing, but let's take it a step further. Let's go to WADA, the world Olympic testing. The Nevada commission, they picked WADA, they had nothing but good things to say. ... We wanted to do WADA. When the UFC said let's do WADA, I was 100 percent ready for that."

"Then all of a sudden a week later after the conference call, I didn't know GSP was going to be doing a drug test, then it comes out that ‘Johny denied it. I said hey, you didn't even tell me you were going to do VADA. The last I heard from my management and the UFC was WADA. Then GSP just went and did VADA on his own and threw me under the bus to clear his name."

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Recent Comments »

andyman011 site profile image  

9/26/13 2:21 PM by andyman011

Oh shit OK so if I take someone down and don't do anything with it, the other guy wins? Even if I had him rocked for 2 rounds. Carlos was stumbling left and right

MarkRobinson site profile image  

9/26/13 9:46 AM by MarkRobinson

I think Hendricks is a little more dangerous on the feet compared to Koscheck but I basically agree with you.As long as GSP plays it smart at first he's gonna be ok and win this on ability and experience. I don't think GSP has lost a step... Yet.

Herman Munster site profile image  

9/25/13 4:57 PM by Herman Munster

Each and every takedown Johny got Condit got back to his feet very shortly thereafter.  Hendricks ground control was dismal.  GSP's ground control vs Condit was dominant.  While Hendricks may be close in terms of pure wrestling, in terms of overall grappling this is a no contest.  If Hendricks spends much time on his back vs GSP, he will be made to look stupid and will end up being finished by GSP.

Leck Brosnar site profile image  

9/25/13 4:46 PM by Leck Brosnar

Umm, no? You could argue Condit even won the fight since Hendricks did absolutely nothing with his takedowns.

gokudamus stole my name iv site profile image  

9/25/13 2:42 PM by gokudamus stole my name iv

Yeah, keep in mind Koscheck was basically dead even with Hendricks in a fight that was 99.99% on the feet, and was never rocked or in trouble at all. Hendricks can KO GSP if he catches him, but there's no reason to think that's a likely outcome even if the fight never hits the ground at all.

andyman011 site profile image  

9/25/13 2:35 PM by andyman011

Yeah because condit won the first one so convincingly. He was rocked for 2 rounds

Leck Brosnar site profile image  

9/25/13 8:31 AM by Leck Brosnar

I hope this isn't the fight where GSP gets caught, after all this shit I would hate to see Johny win. But all is well even if Johny wins, Condit is coming for him and it will be 5 rounds this time, nighty night Johny, we hardly knew ye.

Glovegate site profile image  

9/25/13 8:20 AM by Glovegate

The one-sidedness of this story is completely cut and dry.  At the risk of sounding like a GSP nutrider, I really don't think Hendricks' side has anything to stand on here. And the media doesn't give a flying FUCK.  In fact, they're come down against GSP.  It's laughable.

Herman Munster site profile image  

9/25/13 8:09 AM by Herman Munster

^Hendricks has shown striking defense?  Maybe the defense of a heavy bag that he was turned into by the 3rd round vs Condit,  Thinking GSP will not be able to rely on his jab at all is cute but not reality.  Hendricks has a left hand and a right hook and KO power in both, but other than that there is nothing to admire about his striking.  GSP will likely make him look silly on the feet when those home run shots are hitting air.  

Jone2tone site profile image  

9/25/13 7:51 AM by Jone2tone

Don't get me wrong - athletically, he's earned his shot. He's fought and won against some of the best in the division, and won several very decisively.I just take issue with the fact that he's whined to the media about each and every fight because it wasn't a title fight. He seemed to walk into the UFC thinking he'd already earned his shot, and since he wasn't getting it, he complained...a LOT.Thing is, he could be as good a matchup for GSP as Condit was. His wrestlings near GSPs level, all but negating that. His striking, in my opinion, may be better. Clearly he's shown good striking defence, so Georges won't have his trusty jab to fall back on.But I know what's going to happen if he loses. Whining about the ref. accusations of GSP being on PEDs. Accusations of VADA being corrupt. Demands for a rematch. Really - can you see him losing this fight and NOT freaking out in the media afterward?