Gustafson: My reach is 81.2"


Alexander Gustafson wants to be very clear that he has the longest reach in the UFC, not the number that was being widely reported by the media:

Gustafsson corrected on the figure widely reported to be his reach.

"My reach is not 76.5," he said during a conference call in support of UFC 165, which takes place Sept. 21 at Air Canada Centre in Toronto. "It's 81.2. I just wanted to mention that."

But regardless of the rogue biographers within the UFC and on Wikipedia, Gustafsson isn't convinced that a reach disadvantage will play much of a part in the title fight, which headlines the event's pay-per-view card.

"It's not always about reach," he said. "It's about footwork. It's about being fast, getting in and out. I'm really making sure I've done my homework there. I'm super motivated."

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rbl site profile image  

9/11/13 10:01 PM by rbl

He probably measured it badly and then never checked again.

OnlyTheStrongSurvive site profile image  

9/11/13 11:24 AM by OnlyTheStrongSurvive

His long arms actually are what give him the ability to throw elbows that hard. Sports science did a segment on him.

kungfugrip site profile image  

9/11/13 11:14 AM by kungfugrip

msn says that long arms = long penis...don't know the importance of this but there it is!

SilverSpoon1996 site profile image  

9/11/13 10:44 AM by SilverSpoon1996

I never knew that Jones used his reach advantage to smash people with his elbows on the ground... this is really sounding like as smart as Shogun training with Freddie Roach to fight a wrestler...

GROUNDnLB site profile image  

9/11/13 6:11 AM by GROUNDnLB

They redid Struve's reach a year or so ago also, increased it a fair bit to 84.5"

Browne made me a reemtard site profile image  

9/11/13 5:45 AM by Browne made me a reemtard

Anderson was 5'11 for awhile too. Let's not act like the UFC is immune to mistakes in these matters

YourMomMadeMeTap site profile image  

9/11/13 4:59 AM by YourMomMadeMeTap

I think it was for the fights. Either way, if you're between 76-82 inch reach, wouldnt you be able to easily knock off that much just by not completely stretching out? Just if for some reason he like'd the underestimation of his reach. I'd imagine they'd just go off official UFC records for reach on the game though. Either way I'm excited for the matchup. Hope we get to see some striking and jones doesn't just brandon vera him.

Jack Brown site profile image  

9/10/13 10:37 PM by Jack Brown

That was Lauzon's video, but were they measuring for a video game?

JayBRO site profile image  

9/10/13 10:11 PM by JayBRO

We've seen in blog recently, don't remember who's, where they actually had a fighters back up against the wall with arms spread out, and they measure it from readings on the wall... So they definitely do check

OnlyTheStrongSurvive site profile image  

9/10/13 10:02 PM by OnlyTheStrongSurvive

I don't think there's any strategy to it lol. The NBA scouts measure all of that at pre draft combines. They have that info if they want it.