Riddle: I don't want anything to do with MMA


Matt Riddle recently retired at age 27 following a seven-year-long, strange trip through mixed martial arts.

Riddle's professional MMA debut was in the UFC, a brutal, jaw-breaking knockout of Dan Simmler in elimination round of The Ultimate Fighter 7 back in 2008. The sound of it remains in many fan's ears. Riddle went on to go a very respectable 7-3 in the UFC, with two No Contests. The NCs were due to positive tests for marijuana; Riddle has a medical marijauna card, but still ran afoul of regulations prohibiting use of the drug.

Following his second positive test in Feb, Riddle was released by the UFC, and was signed by Legacy FC. Bellator bought out his contract, and scheduled him in an upcoming welterweight tournament, but then an injury kept him out of it. The next Bellator tournament is in Jan, but no singles fights were available, so Riddle is done.

In an interview with MMA Junkie, Riddle reflects...

"When Bellator bought out my contract they said, 'We're family, we take care of our own'" said Riddle. "But then I crack a rib two weeks out from a fight and ask for an extension, like Joe Warren got, and I get told no. Then I ask if I can fight before the end of the year and I get told no on that. I've got three kids, man. When they bought me out of the Legacy contract, that was back in May. They kept me on the bench from May until September. I got hurt for September and now they say they can't get me a fight until January or February. The bottom line is, I've got a wife and three kids. I've got bills I have to pay."

"I said it to them, I told them that if I couldn't get a fight by the end of the year, I need to retire and get a full-time job. They were like, 'Well, we can't.' Really? Viacom can't? Bellator can't? OK, I guess I need to retire then."

"I'm just tired of the unethical people, the scumbags, all that. Maybe that's how all businesses are run, but in MMA I've been in the UFC, Legacy and Bellator. The UFC was the best, and even they didn't treat you that well. It just gets sh---ier on the way down. I'd rather get a real job, do some BJJ, get my black belt and compete in some tournaments. And maybe I will fight in a year or two. But right now I'm so fed up with the people that run this sport, I don't want anything to do with it."

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BshMstr site profile image  

9/11/13 10:51 PM by BshMstr


BshMstr site profile image  

9/11/13 10:41 PM by BshMstr

well, he got on TUF with no real pro fights, and went 9-3.... pretty good, IMO.

jacktripper site profile image  

9/11/13 9:53 PM by jacktripper

I actually really liked his fightsGonna be a sad day when he finds out Costco drug tests also

Pessimist_Pete site profile image  

9/11/13 9:44 PM by Pessimist_Pete

Riddle is a great fighter. 9-2 in the UFC. He looked really good in his last few fights. What a shame.

likatiga site profile image  

9/11/13 8:52 PM by likatiga

Fact: People who roll high all day do not use paragraphs.

RollHighAllDay site profile image  

9/11/13 8:22 PM by RollHighAllDay

You could say that this result is a testament to how much of a dumb ass Matt Riddle in his decision making skills, or you could just look at it as how awesome weed really is. To risk your job as a professional athlete over mental stability and staying relaxed when your adrenaline and stress are probably denying you a stable life. Also maybe it's a look at how someone could possibly have dependency and abuse a medical substance just like any medicine can. Is Matt Riddle weak in his habits? or should weed be looked at more serious when it come's to coming off of it even if for a tolerance break. In reality though, anyone who does smoke weed and actually USE it to aid them as well as enjoy know how awesome weed is, and they would go through extreme measures sometimes just to get a little high because WEEDS AWESOME. Anyways, I hope Matt Riddle eventually makes it back to the UFC and we can all look at this as a weird taboo from the past that was indoctrinated from big business and cronyism, the weed thing, not the him retiring thing.

Knuckle Punch site profile image  

9/11/13 7:57 PM by Knuckle Punch

All he had to do was put down the bong, watch himself from saying he'd beat his kids and he'd likely still be making Ufc money.Guy has no one to blame but himself

I LOVE GSP site profile image  

9/11/13 7:42 PM by I LOVE GSP

there was a picture posted the other day that showed Riddle on the medal podium standing to his left and below was Jon Jones, apparently Riddle is Quite the beast at wrestling.

Gator Choke site profile image  

9/11/13 7:40 PM by Gator Choke

Not to dog on Matt, but if fight time was bothering him, he should have stuck with the fight with Young for Legacy then negotiated with Bellator.

JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

9/11/13 7:03 PM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

This brings up what Adrien Broner said about MMA vs boxing. A guy like Riddle learned the sport in his apartment. Made it to the major leagues and won Fight of the Night. No guy sets up a heavybag in his apartment and finds himself fighting on a PPV card. Does this mean I view boxing over MMA?NO. But it's tales like this that lend credence to remarks like Broner's.