Arlovski talks 'stupid horrible' flying knee


Andrei Arlovski, who fights veteran heavyweight Mike Kyle tonight on World Series of Fighting, conducted an extensive interview with BloodyElbow's Steph Daniel. Topics covered include fighting Kyle, training with Freddie Roach, acting in movies, fighting Anthony Johnson with a broke jaw, and the infamous flying knee.

Back in 2009, Arlovksi, under the tutelege of Freddie Roach, was dominating the then practically speaking* undefeated Fedor Emelianenko, when The Pitbull inexplicably tried a flying knee.

The result was one of the most iconic images of the year.

Arlovski now trains with Greg Jackson.

"What I remember is that stupid mistake that cost me a lot against Fedor," said Arlovski. "That horrible flying knee back in 2009... before that fight, I fought Ben Rothwell and landed a flying knee. People went crazy, I went crazy, and I thought, 'Oh, I'm a genius, I can throw whatever I want.' I jumped with the flying knee and went down, lights out. I paid for it. It was kind of the beginning of my bad series of results. I'm not going to make those mistakes again. No more flying knees for a while. I'm kind of still afraid to throw knees, especially flying knees"

"Freddie Roach is a great boxing coach. I took a lot from him, but at the same time it meant I wasn't focusing on other things. I don't know, I probably lost more than I gained. It was a great experience, but it didn't really help me with fighting. I took some from him and I lost some. Time goes forward."

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•Fedor's lost to TK via cuts was due to an obscure Rings Rule, that ended fights on cuts.

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GoodnightWorld site profile image  

9/15/13 12:37 AM by GoodnightWorld

^^^Threw. Sorry, I was typing fast and I don't want to edit and deal with all the >|\??\ bullshit.

GoodnightWorld site profile image  

9/15/13 12:36 AM by GoodnightWorld

This thread really got hijacked by that virgin. Back to the OP.Is it just me, or does Arlovski come off like Napolean Dynamite's uncle when it comes to this fight? "If only I hadn't thrown that knee....everything would be different. Did you ever look into time travel?"He is not capable of beating Fedor, it was never going to happen. He through some good jabs and a front kick, but Fedor was never in a hint of trouble. Arlovski needs to get over the fact that he's not in the top 50, anymore.

GoodnightWorld site profile image  

9/15/13 12:32 AM by GoodnightWorld

This 16 year old girl assuming that her knowledge of Datsik is unique...hilarious.What?! Youtube?!!? Where have you been all my life!? Also...kinda hard to bust somebody out for needing a video site when you YOURSELF used the site, initially. oooohhh children.

Sadyv site profile image  

9/14/13 10:36 PM by Sadyv

Correct. I also recall that was the fight where orcus' (hopefully) paid for shilling and/or irrational Fedor hate really blossomed.Judging by orcy's account of that fight, Arlovski was tagging Fedor with brutal combinations at will, Fedor was out on his feet several times, and Fedor was missing all his punches by three feet.

Triangle Choked site profile image  

9/14/13 10:11 PM by Triangle Choked

Imagine if we brought out the "Wild it" phrase. He'd think someone was extremely intoxicated.

KOckyGOAT site profile image  

9/14/13 9:33 PM by KOckyGOAT

Can't believe he fell for that!

chaplinshouse site profile image  

9/14/13 8:30 PM by chaplinshouse

hahahahaha.  nothing screams dumbass outsider like correcting moran or ironing on this website.   since you're new you probably don't realize why your account is about to get frozen.  it's no mistake, no sir! now run along silly faggot

Wasa-B site profile image  

9/14/13 4:59 PM by Wasa-B

He was probably going with the notion that AA wasnt dominating the fight until then which many people tend to say still. AA was def winning though and i hate semantic battles on the UG but that wasnt a domination. Reading Jack Slacks article about Fedor and he also mentions that rewatching, much of AA's punches didnt really hit the mark as well.

eXtv site profile image  

9/14/13 4:27 PM by eXtv

Even if Andrei's jaw was iron he would have been slept by Fedor with that shot. The combined momentum of Andrei jumping into the punch and Fedor being an incredibly hard hitter would overcome any jaw except maybe Mark Hunt's.