Mayweather: I want to take MMA management to the next level


While Floyd Mayweather Jr is self-managed, his receives trusted advice from Al Haymon, 2005 winner of the Boxing Writers Association of America Manager of the Year award. And in an exclusive interview with FightHype, Mayweather revealed that the duo want to move into the promotion of MMA fighters.

"I want to promote MMA fighters also," said Mayweather. "We looking to promote MMA fighters, so it's the first time you're hearing it on FightHype... You know, Al Haymon is looking to manage MMA fighters. Even though Al Haymon hasn't came on record and said it, but I want Al to manage MMA fighters. I think I can take it to the next level... You know, I don't mind doing business with Dana White. Dana White's a cool guy. I've been knowing Dana before he got involved with the MMA."

A former Economics student at Harvard, Haymon started in music promoting M. C. Hammer, New Edition, Whitney Houston and Mary J. Blige, among others. In 2010 he moved into boxing, and now has a large group of fighters under his management. The addition of the pair to the MMA world could be significant.

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Harold_Howard site profile image  

9/19/13 9:40 PM by Harold_Howard

Days the retard who has done nothing but talk smack about mma for years

Harold_Howard site profile image  

9/19/13 9:40 PM by Harold_Howard


ILoveWatchingJonesBoneShogun site profile image  

9/19/13 9:22 PM by ILoveWatchingJonesBoneShogun

Success in promoting boxing will not translate to the UFC. You need competitive bidders to have leverage and the mediocre fighters don't have a strong enough fanbase for Dana to be scurred of them sitting out, next man up! Floyd would have to go after the top tier fighters and really put a gun to Dana's head by talking them into not fighting if the price isn't right. Once again, Dana wins because he knows they have no where else to go and will have to cave

Wicked smahtMF site profile image  

9/19/13 8:55 PM by Wicked smahtMF

come on guys it was pretty good

KingofBJJ site profile image  

9/19/13 4:08 PM by KingofBJJ

First of all, take a pill and come off your splurge Haterade.  Who care's if he is spending $50k a night? If that was the case of it being gone, then why did he already have tens of millions in the bank before his big $45 million payday?  Why do you care, unless you have something personal against him? Secondly, what source is telling you tha he is spending $50k a night?  He could buy his own strip club if he was doing that.  I think you are just throwing out numbers because of jealousy and some kind of personal issue you have with this man making tons of money. I am pretty sure we know what the real source of your problem is...

stonepony site profile image  

9/18/13 5:38 PM by stonepony

Nick Nolte was nominated for Best Supporting Actor. Fail...One of the highest rated sports movies on IMDB. The reviews were all positive.

GayGuardMooseSaucy site profile image  

9/18/13 5:12 PM by GayGuardMooseSaucy

Your belief it was nominated for an Oscar is wrong. Warrior sucked because of the horrible plot, not because people didn't waste their money going to see that crap.

stonepony site profile image  

9/18/13 4:43 PM by stonepony

Nominated for an Oscar I believe. And every review was raving. But, maybe they're all wrong and you're right and it was terrible because it didn't turn a profit. And 2 Fast 2 Furious movies are high art because a lot of retards watch them.

GayGuardMooseSaucy site profile image  

9/18/13 4:27 PM by GayGuardMooseSaucy

Warrior was a fucking terrible and unrealistic movie. LOL @ a 5 million dollar mma tournament, 2 middle aged brothers (a teacher and a junkie). Exactly why the movie didn't even turn a profit.

Brian J DSouza site profile image  

9/18/13 4:02 PM by Brian J DSouza

  I read the New York Times piece about Al Haymon, too, Jason.